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7 SEO tip reminders that you need to focus on


Sometimes we need to get back to the basics. SEO can be an exciting topic, if you are a geek like me, or it can be a daunting topic. Regardless, if you are a blogger it is something that you truly can't ignore.  In this blog post, I am going to share 7 SEO tips and tricks that you need to focus on with your blog.

1. Stop it with the keywords all of the time.

Keywords are important, actually they are critical but if you are not careful they will overstay their welcome. I think of keyword stuffing a bit like a house guest that just won’t leave…too much of a good thing gets bad quick.

Google knows what you are doing. Heck these are the people that went in with Nasa for a friggin super computer. They are in the business of stopping this nonsense.

Use keywords but not 45 times in one paragraph.

2. You gotta write some stuff

Images and media are good, they are vital to success but you gotta do a bit more. I keep seeing posts lately that are just weak in the word count. Take the time to actually provide some solid content to support that media and your page will rank better.

3. Keep those urls short

If possible keep your url around 100 characters long. Try and put your primary keyword at the beginning of that url too.

4. Make sure that it is mobile

Google put down the hammer on this issue in April of this year. It is now crucial that your site is mobile responsive. If it isn’t shoot me an email and let’s talk about it.

5. Make that blog fast

Site speed is another critical factor in search engine ranking now. If your site is starting to load slower and slower, you really need to address this issue soon.

6. Be human again

The search engines are getting smarter and this is making SEO more and more difficult. The key here is to keep in mind what the search engines want, happy humans using them as a resource. So reach out to actual humans, ask them to read your new post and ask them for feedback. Don’t be shy, you got this just think back to the 80’s before cell phones were a thing.


Use a tool. I use Long Tail Pro every single day. It is a premium tool but it is so worth it. If I could only buy two tools it would be LTP and Thrive Content Builder.

Long Tail Pro allows you to analyze how competitive a keyword is. This means how hard or easy it will be to get on the first page of the all mighty Google. I pay a monthly fee to get the super advanced features but I am telling you now, it is worth it.

What is your biggest SEO struggle right now? Is there anything that you know that you should do but you just aren't doing? For me, I am really bad about going to the media library and finalizing all of the SEO on my images. What about you?


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  1. These are some really great tips! I have been so busy focusing on my site’s content that I haven’t put much if any thought to SEO and I think my traffic definitely reflects that. I have shift focus and start to learn a bit more about it and how it can drive much needed traffic. Your tips are a great starting point!

    1. Karina,

      That is great and content is the heart of a blog, so that is a great place to start. However, like you said at some point you do want to start thinking about the SEO too. Way to go on getting started blogging.

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