Let's Chat About Failure And Failing Up

Let’s Chat About Failure And Failing Up

As an entrepreneur we can't be afraid of failure

As I said in a previous post, there can be some joy in failing. Wait! Hear me out on this. When you fail, you get the freedom to try something new. When you fail, you can either tuck your tail and give up OR you can make some tweaks and keep trying.

Now before we get too far here, let's have some real talk. You have to earn failure. You can't claim failure if you have only been blogging or at your business for a few months. You can't claim failure after 30 days or even 6 months. Failure has to be earned over time. If you haven't given it everything that you got and then gotten yourself off of the floor and given more than that once more, you haven't failed. If you haven't done that then you are just giving up.

So ask yourself have you failed or have you given up?

Have you ever heard the phrase failing up? It is a phrase that is rattling around in my head these days.

Failing up is what I plan to do.

Failure is different for everyone but for bloggers it often looks the same. We are getting some traffic but not enough traffic.

Some traffic is the most dangerous amount of traffic to have. Some views are the most dangerous kind of views.


Well because "some" is just enough to not have a friggin clue about what to do next.

Maybe you are making "some" money with your business but not enough to quite your day job.

Only you know what failure looks like for you. By the way, just because there is some beauty in failing doesn't it mean it doesn't suck. No matter how I spin it in my head failure still friggin sucks.

How do I know? I know because I am failing.

My traffic has stalled. Now I have some thoughts on this and I am going to be uber honest and transparent about all of this but today is just about me saying out loud - I am failing.

However, I am fully encouraged. I am full of hope. I am full frustration. Yeah that is in there too.

I have a plan. I am not giving up. I am adjusting. I am tweaking. I am ready for what is next.

If you feel like you are failing, dig deep and ask yourself if you really are or if you are just giving up too soon.

Only when you are honest with yourself about this question can you truly take things to the next level.

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