July 5

This Is Why Being a Blogger Is a Lifestyle Choice

Yesterday we rearranged our offices. Working from home is fantastic. I love pretty much everything about working from home with one exception.   Our house is too friggin small. To be more functional, we need a five-bedroom house.

Guess what though!?!

Right now we have a three-bedroom house. That means that from time to time, we must arrange and adjust. So on July 4, 2019, that is what we did. 

We destroyed the house. Why is it that the only way to clean a home is first to destroy a house? 

We banged up our freshly painted wall moving a settee from one room to another. We greatly disturbed the dogs by moving their crate. (This was the real tragedy, btw) I have muscle aches today where I didn't even know that I had muscles. 

The issue that caused this chaos is that we needed a permanent home for our makeshift food filming studio. Things got weird though. When we set it up, next to a big beautiful window, the pictures were dark and terrible. 

I had the lights set up precisely as I had them in our other room. The previous room had far less natural light, and the pictures looked so much better. 

We were baffled. 

We shuffled the lights. We rotated the table. We did everything that we could think of, and then we went to Google. I read that when using artificial light, make your room as dark as possible. So I covered my brand new and gorgeous arch window. The pictures came out perfect. 

So now I am sad, but at least we have great lighting for videos and photos. 

The thing that fascinates me about blogging isn't the content. It is all that goes into creating the content. We spent an entire day rearranging our whole house so that we could create a space for this light setup. Blogging is just as much about all of the things that happen away from the computer as they are what happens on the computer.


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