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Blogging Stupid Fast Episode 3




In this session of the I Teach Blogging Blogcast I discuss owning your domain name and hosting your new blog. This is my third ever podcast and the third in a series. It is so exciting to be sharing my passion of blogging with you in this way. Sometimes my enthusiasm is lost in my writing, but I hope you’ll become as excited as I am about blogging for business.

As you will see in my original blog post about this idea, my recommendation is that you do not do this.

If you are confused, don’t be because it is my recommendation that you always spend a great deal of time planning your blog instead of just diving right in. However, some of us learn better by trying and then going back and fixing it all later and so this is for you. So here are my next couple of tips in the Get Blogging Stupid Fast Series:

Own your domain name.

Why should you own your domain name? The answer is fairly straight forward and simple: you need to be in control. There is a big difference between saying “find me at” vs saying “find me at”

If “WordPress” or “blogspot” is in your domain name you do not really own the site. Perhaps there will be a day when WordPress is not the platform that you want to use to build your website. If that day came and you did not own your domain name then  you could not point it somewhere else: you’d have to start over or scrape the old site and re-post ALL of what you accumulated.

Domain names vs. hosting

I’m often asked about domain names versus hosting. People often think that they have to buy both from the same company but that is not true at all. You can have your domain name with company A and your hosting with company B.

BEGINNER’S TIP:  A domain is the web address, or URL, that is typed into the browser search field. Hosting is the storage facility that allows all of your coded content to be delivered to those who have typed in your URL or web address. It seems simple to load a web page, but there is a lot that goes into it.

Why should you have professional hosting?

If all you want to do is have a personal diary online, blogspot and work just fine. But you’re here so you can either blog for your business or make your blog become your business. So, if you own your domain name you will also need to find a hosting company. There are tons, such as, our preferred company.

What to buy?

I host all of my websites and I encourage all of my clients to use JustHost. I also recommend getting your domain name with them too, it just makes life a bit easier. They are often running specials and give you the domain name free with the cost of hosting.

Because I am an affiliate of JustHost I will be making a series of videos on how to install WordPress and set up an email account using their cpanel. In the mean time, if you have questions about JustHost, please let me know.

A tip: When you sign up for hosting or buy a domain name you will be asked to buy a series of add ons, and generally speaking, you do not need them. Add them on later once you become more comfortable with the back end of your blog.

Ok so I hope that you have gained a few tips from this blogcast and if you have any questions about buying your domain name and hosting do not hesitate to ask me. I am always here to help any new blogger and if you have any questions I can cover them in future blogcast episodes.


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