April 20

How to Change Your Mindset for Success


Is it possible to change your mindset to one for success? Yes, I think so.

But, it ain't easy.

I get annoyed when people say "just change your mind about it." If I could JUST do that, I wouldn't need the advice in the first place.

Changing your mindset for success is work. It is 2 steps backward and 14 steps backward. Yes, you read that correctly.

Then you take one step forward.

It isn't all bad though. They say that the fun is in the journey and I agree with that completely.

Here is how I change my mindset for success on the regular.

        1. I don't shy away from the fear.

         I acknowledge how afraid of failing that I am. I give in to it. I soak in it. Then I say                            ENOUGH and take a step forward.

        2. I let motivating people inspire me.

        Compare and despair is a real problem. However, we can use compare as a positive. If                 that person achieved that thing, then there is legit no reason why I can't do it too just a               little bit. 

        Also, I lean heavily on friends. Just yesterday I called one of my biz besties, and we had a              gripe session. It felt great. We complained, and then we decided on co-working sessions              together. I am writing this while co-working with her virtually.

        3. Read affirmations

        Personally, I find affirmations to be woo woo. Yes, I admit it. I am a giant skeptic. However,          I spent a year reading affirmations out loud, and my life changed. When I stop reading                them, things start to slip back to the old ways.

        Is it possible change your mindset for success? The complicated answer is yes. I am living            proof that you can.


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  1. I’ve been loving these posts. The techniques and tactics of blogging and social media are great, but they are kind of the surface level. The work behind-the-scenes to keep pushing forward can be so much more challenging, but that’s what really makes it happen. Your insights on both are awesome!

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