How To Create A 3-Step Thank You Page​ With Thrive Content Builder

How To Create A 3-Step Thank You Page​ With Thrive Content Builder


Are you having people signup for your content upgrade but then they don't confirm their email address?

The 3-Step Thank You Page may be your perfect solution.​

The thank you page will tell your new email subscriber exactly how to confirm their email and how to get their lead magnet.

Not everyone understands that they are not truly subscribed until they click on the conformation link in their email. This is a simple and friendly reminder that quickly explains what to do.

Check out the image below for an example of a 3-Step page.​

Bonus: Download a free checklist of the first plugins that I always install on a new WordPress Blog. 

Use Thrive Content Builder To Create A Thank You Page For Your Email Signups
This is a step by step on how to create a landing page for your new email subscribers. This landing page tells them how to confirm their email address.
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  1. Self-Hosted WordPress Blog
  2. Thrive Content Builder
  1. Create a new page
  2. Give your new page a title
  3. Save Draft
  4. Click on 'Edit With Thrive Content Builder'
  5. Click on 'Thrive Land Pages'
  6. Click on 'Choose Landing Page'
  7. On left under Filter Check next to 'confirmation page'
  8. Choose your confirmation page design
  9. Click on Load Landing Page
  10. Add your logo
  11. Edit Step 2 with the email subject line and from name
  12. Make any other desired changes
  13. Click Save Changes
  14. Publish your page
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Note: When you are editing the page do not forget to edit the footer. You will want to put in your business name and a link to your disclaimer page.

A tip on creating successful email newsletters:

From: Fulcrum Tech

  1. Make your message scannable. Don’t overwhelm readers with long paragraphs and lots of copy. Breaking up your email-marketing copy with punchy subheads, numbered and bulleted lists, and small bites of information will allow subscribers to quickly read it and grasp your main message.

We use subheads in our blog post, so why not use them in our newsletter? This tip really struck me and I am going to work on this with my newsletter moving forward.

Ask your readers a question

This is a quick and easy tip that I got from Screw The Nine To Five.

Email your subscribers and ask them a question. The trick is to get them engaged. Ask them what they are struggling with.​

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