December 7

WordPress Tutorial: How To Delete A WordPress Theme


Learn how to quickly and easily delete a WordPress Theme.

There are many reasons why you may want to delete a WordPress Theme but an important one is security. Themes can become vulnerable to hackers

You can check here for WordPress Theme Vulnerabilities. Search for each theme installed on your site or you can just delete the unused themes.


There is a danger with deleting an old theme. If you delete a theme you will also delete any theme settings and special code. This is why I only recommend deleting a theme when you absolutely confident that you will no longer be using it.

Okay so if you are curious as to why you might want to delete your WordPress Theme, there are two primary reasons and one of them is security and the other is maybe something is wrong with it such as it is corrupt.

Honestly there's a multitude of reasons.

Here's the deal if you are not going to use the thing, then there's no reason to keep it on your site. Once you have settled on a theme there's just no reason to keep old themes lying around.

It is just a security risk. If you have some old WordPress themes such as the 2016 theme or the WordPress 2015 or heck even 2014 theme, you may be wonder why you should delete it? WordPress does a great job of keeping up with security.

But ask yourself, do you really want to spend the time checking in each month updating all of these old themes that you aren’t using in the first place? Time is our most precious commodity right.

Then there are the old themes that you may have used in a previous design of your site or maybe you were just testing out themes. Regardless, it is not uncommon to wind up with extra themes on your site.

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If you don't delete your unused WordPress Themes, I highly recommend that you check for Theme Updates once a month. This is one more time consuming tasks that you must remember, which is why I recommend deleting themes but it is up to you.


Delete WordPress Theme

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