Do you have a point of view for your blog?

Do you have a point of view for your blog?

In this podcast we discuss a few key takeaways that from a conference that I just got back from. The conference was called Podcast Movement and you may be curious as to how that could relate to blogging, well content is still content no matter the format. In this podcast, t I also share a tip on a tool that I am loving right now and a social media tip for you bloggers.

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Key points of this podcast episode:

  • Have a point of view

No matter the blog topic, there are plenty of people out there in the world blogging about it. This is a good thing.

Imagine a world that only had one police drama show. It would be a boring world right? Each show offers a unique story line and unique point of view.

I believe that you have a unique point of view on your blog topic. The key is to be brave enough to share that point of view on your blog.

  • Be unique

Kate Erickson ( a podcaster that I just love to listen to) did a podcast a while back about being unique

Her podcast really struck a chord with me and I ended up sending her a fairly long email on the topic. I want to share an excerpt here:

Your podcast about being unique really struck a chord with me and I can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe you can’t try to be unique but rather you just have to allow yourself to relax. Maybe being unique is about being vulnerable. Just like you say "listen to your audience" maybe we need to be ok with how other people see us and embrace it.

In Kate’s podcast she said that we can't teach someone how to be unique and I believe that is true but I will leave you with this. If you are holding back because you think that you should be a certain way, maybe just don’t.

Maybe you should let your freak flag fly a bit.

  • 100 bad hours in you

I believe that everyone should not stop blogging until they get to 100 blog posts. That is the number of posts before you really start to learn what your response is “really” going to be or at least that has been my motto.

So when I heard people say that podcasters have 100 bad hours of audio in them, I was like “rock on.”

Make sure and listen to the full podcast to hear ALL of my thoughts on these topics and more.

A tool that I am loving right now.

Long Tail Keyword Pro. I just recently purchased this tool and it is truly amazing. It is allowing me to do keyword research in an entirely new way. One of the amazing things that this tool does is calculate keyword competitiveness.

So for example the keyword phrase “WordPress how to change font” has a KC of 43 out of 100. 100 being the highest. What I have read is that for easy ranking you want 30 or below. I have not found a single keyword phrase 30 or below in my niche yet but I am still looking

An Social Media tip for your blog:

When you release a new blog post don’t be shy about sharing it. Share the same post more than once on Twitter that first day. Then Tweet it out again once the next day. Then go ahead and skip a day and Tweet it again.

Social Media moves quickly these days and so give people several chances to see your latest blog post.

The First Plugins that I always install on a new blog!

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