December 15

Are you freaking out because your content is not epic enough?


Recently I ran across a blog post that made me want to march across the digital divide and hand print outs to every single blogger and reader alike.

It is not rare that I run across inspiring content. Inspiring content is what the web is made of right?

Well, there is also crap content out there. You know the crap that you lay awake at night regretting that you read?

The truth is, if you have been blogging for long then you have likely created some crap content, even though you didn't mean to do so.

It just happens.

Here is an excerpt from Ryan's blog post that really hit home.

Epic content is a lie.

Yes, you should be striving to create great work, but from now until the day that you create that Epic piece of content you must be producing all the OK, acceptable, tolerable and complete crap content that it takes to figure out what Epic content is.

Epic content is NOT a necessity to success.

I don’t care if you’re an artist, consultant, main-street business owner or Fortune 500 marketing executive, it’s the every day grind of content creation that gets us to the Promise Land…

…not one piece of Epic content.

Was it Trust Agents that made Chris Brogan an overnight success or was it Chris’s work grinding out valuable content day after day that lead to an opportunity to create Epic content?

I’d argue it was Chris’s willingness to hit publish that granted the opportunity to become a best selling author.

What do you think?

Is it the single piece of epic content that took of that really makes a blogger a success or is it the willingness to put out consistent content that we care about?

This is an issue that I have spent a great deal of time thinking about. There are pieces that would only take about 3-5 minutes of podcast airspace and only a few paragraphs of blog space.

Does that mean that I shouldn't blog about it and podcast about it?


It could still add value. For example, what if I said WordPress Plugin ______ does ______ for you and it will really help. Then I lay out a few bullet points as to why this matters and then maybe a screenshot.

Boom, I am done.

There is nothing epic about that but useful yes.

So yes, I worry if my content is epic enough. We know that Google loves epic content and we want our blog to be served up to folks Google. So yes, this is a concern.

I think that the important point here is not to phone it in because you think to yourself "Oh crap, it is time for another blog post!"

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Do you worry about this? Let me know your thoughts on this issue in the comments below.


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