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The fear of blogging!

fear of blogging by Renee' Groskreutz https://www.iteachblogging.com/

I love blogging. I love reading about blogging. I love studying the analytics. If you’ve ever been to one of my classes, then you already know this. But there’s something else you need to know. I did not even realize this about myself until recently but …I fear blogging. Do you fear blogging too?

I can build blogs all day long (because WordPress = awesome) but in the end what matters most is the content…the blog post itself. So when it comes down to writing my next post, absolute panic starts to set in. Self doubt creeps under my skin. In my head at the gym, or while in the shower, I am formulating amazing and groundbreaking blog posts! Then I sit down to actually write. I bring the coffee, the laptop, the pen and paper, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. (The productivity apps rule.) I’m cheery and perky until the Inner Voice…

  • …Just because this is important to me, will other people care?
  • Do I have the time to put into this blog post that it needs and deserves?
  • Oh, I forgot to pay the electric bill. I keep forgetting things.
  • Will this really make a difference for the small business owner down the street?
  •  I’ll never be able to concentrate to get this done.Is my writing good enough for people to read it?
  • Who said I could write, anyway?

And on and on, until I force it out. (Take a peek inside my head and hear my affirming self-talk in THIS VIDEO.) My biggest problem is that I take it so seriously and personally that I want what I say to be amazing. It’s hard to take my own advice. Sometimes I tell myself that those who can… do… and the rest of us teach. I love teaching but there is space in my life for both. So here I am sharing my fears with you… my fear of blogging.

Perhaps this is why I created my processes, so that I would find my own path. Perhaps I created my courses to help myself over the self-made obstacles. The one thing that I do know is that I want to help move the needle for small business owners – it’s empowering and creates community. That’s important to me.

When I created this website I said that I would be transparent and so here I am. Will you blog with me? What is your business? If you think that you have nothing to share, I promise you that you do. Let’s brain storm your topics together. Email me and let’s discuss.


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