Get Into Adventures And Say Yes

Get Into Adventures And Say Yes

to be more creative with your blogging we need to say yes to more adventures.

Do you see blogging as a creative adventure? I sure do.

To be creative on a regular basis perhaps we need to yes more often. If we don't then we could become stagnate.

how to be more creative

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Today I was reading a blog post by Chase Jarvis and he shared 7 habits that he uses to help with his creativity. Check out his blog post here.

The first thing in his list is to "Get into adventures." This really struck me because he didn't simply say "go on adventures" but rather "get into them."

There is a difference isn't there! He says that instead of saying no when asked to do something say yes.

In business I have heard the advice of saying yes to a project and then figure out how to do it later. That always freaked me out.

What if I couldn't figure out how to do it? What if I didn't do it well?

However, there is a lot of power in yes.

I was invited on an adventure recently and I initially said no. Then I immediately followed up with a strong yes.

I am learning here too.

Lately, I have been saying yes to a lot more questions. Oddly, this is leading to me feeling far more creative at the same time.

Perhaps there is a direction relationship between being more open and creating more.

What do you think?

How do you find your creative juices?

To this point my adventure was on a train. It was my first time and it was incredible. While on the train I read Tools of Titans. A story by Derek Sivers really inspired me. Listen to the podcast to hear the full story.


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