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How to get a blog done

How to get a blog done by Renee' Groskreutz

Researching my own life, it turns out I can accomplish three big goals in one day. It is possible to accomplish mini-goals along with the three big-mama goals but that’s probably pushing it. Three things. My advice to you as a human is to winnow that to-do list down so you can say you got three things done, and not half-baked seven things. Three things.

I am not just a blogger. I am a small-business owner. I am a developer. I am a speaker. On any given day I am so much more and that of course does not even begin to cover the human side of me, my personal life.

Today I am writing a quick blog post about a day in my life as a blogger. I have to put the process of blogging above all things or a blog post will not get done. When I wake up in the morning I remind myself first thing that I have to write a blog post today. While it’s my passion, I still have to prioritize.

So in my featured day, here were my three big goals:

#1 Write a blog post
#2 Make progress on a client website
#3 Learn new software

Tasks for the day:

Write a blog post

  • Research topic
  • Load blog post
  • Find image
  • Edit image
  • SEO blog post – keyword Search N’ Find
  • Re-read blog post
  • Send blog post for edit
  • Release blog post

This is an abbreviated summary of my blog post writing process. As you can see, there is more than meets the eye to “writing a blog post” …at this stage of my blogging career, anyway. If I wasn’t publishing yet, this would be no big deal. I could just write and edit every day. I think most of you who are interested in blogging lie somewhere along this spectrum of “not ready to publish” to “old school bloghand.”

Work on a client’s website

This is second because it can actually lead down a rabbit trail. My clients are extremely important and so by putting them second on my list it forces me to be timely about item #1 – the thing I am passionate about FOR ME.

One Main Project

I only schedule one main project a day. This may mean that I have a website to build and that project gets 70% of my day. I do not believe in multi-tasking and so once I settle in on a project, I am in.

On this day I need to make a few changes to our website. I treat our website like a client because otherwise it does not get done.

One Small Project

I just upgraded my computer to the new OS and along with it came an anticipated changed to the video software iMovie. Considering that I use iMovie for client projects it was crucial that I learn the new bells and whistles involved. I have a client coming in to film videos and I have to be able to edit them for him, so this was crucial but also my small project.

After Hours

Then to finish off the day I had a massive networking event scheduled. After hours means 7:30 or 8:00 for me because that is when I tend to stop working for the evening. However, on this fateful day the networking event started at 5:00 pm. It was quite shocking to me how many people thought that having an event in the middle of the day was a good idea. At this particular event there were about 700 people there.

What is your point, Renee’?

The point is that if blogging is important to your business you have to prioritize, especially if you find writing hard. If you find writing frightening then you will keep putting things in front of it. For me writing is a bit frightening even though I love it and that is why I put it first. I put it right before the most important part of my day, connecting with my clients, because it forces me to not lag behind.

When do you blog? What is your blog schedule? Do you just blog when the mood strikes or do you have a process?

If you are interested in productivity check, out this blog post about doing less to be more productive.

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