Blog Notes and tips: Why I get excited about spam on my blog.

Blog Spam and why it’s so exciting.

Blog Spam Can Be annoying

It’s true. I get excited about spam on my blog. Crazy, right? Ok well, I get excited about spam at first but once I am getting it I shut things down. My reasoning is not grounded in any SEO magical thinking or great website factoids. My thought is if spammers are sending me junk from my website then I did something right. If I am getting spam then I am being found. It is my little mental test to make sure that more than my mother and my friends are going to my site.

It may seem weird but when we build a new website or blog for clients, we inevitably have these conversations:

“Hello, client! How are you today?”

“Oh, I am doing pretty well but I have a problem.”

“That is not good. How may I help?”

“I seem to be getting a lot of spam all of a sudden…”

“Oh my goodness! How about the good news first? You are being found. However, it is terribly annoying so let me take care of that for you.”

“Ok, thank you so much.”

“Have a wonderful rest of the week!”

The very next thing that happens is that we do a happy dance in the office. Now, like I said I can’t prove SEO analytics by this. If we do not get that call from a client in a reasonable amount of time we do start  to worry and then we go make sure that all the SEO tools are installed properly, and their keywords still make sense.

As we speak, I have over a thousand spam comments but they are all being blocked by the anti-spam tool akismet. This tool is a life saver for any blogger.

Note: When you are a new blogger, don’t take it personally if your friends are not reading. I am not sure if any of my friends beyond Lissa Duty have read this blog yet. The reason that I bring this up is to point out that even our friends want to know that we have plenty to say. If we keep blogging and posting, we will get the attention of our friends. That is when we will get real comments, not just spam.

So when you see spam coming your way don’t stress about it. If all of your comments are spam for a while don’t be discouraged. It means someone, somewhere is finding you. Just keep blogging and in time, there will be more than just a spam comment on your blog posts.

How long did it take for you to start getting consistent comments? How do you feel about spam? Who are these spammers anyways?

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