Goal Setting: I Am Just Going To Get Crazy Here

I Am Just Going To Get Crazy Here

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Today I needed to take a step back. As things grow and change, it is important to take a step back and make sure that we are on track for our goals or ask if we need to reset our goals.

Today I realized that because a few things changed, I needed to reset my goals. This isn't something that I spent a great deal of time on but it needed to be done. It seems that adjusting is normal. 

Reading Goal

One of the goals that I set is a reading goal. This year I have barely done any reading. It is a shame really. I love books and I love reading. It has just been challenging to fit it in. Now, I realize that what I fit in is up to me because I am the master of my choices and of my time.

However, these days getting through a full book just feels overwhelming. I believe that this probably due to the weird social media and news world that we live in today. Every single day, I read multiple articles. Those I can fit in but a book just hasn't been happening.

So I decided to change how I view reading. Instead of thinking about the entire book, I started thinking about pages.

Goal: Read 15 books over the next year from now

I found the first five books that I wanted to read. They are literally on my desk. First, I made note of how many pages each book has it in. Then I calculated an average number of pages. Then I calculated how many pages a day I would need to read to finish a book every 30 days. Then I doubled that number.

The answer: 16 pages a day.

That doesn't sound horrible at all. As a matter of fact, now there is a certain excitement about it. Basically, I just gamified reading. 

Break one new habit 

When I stepped back today, I questioned what is eating up my productivity or rather what I could change to improve it. The answer was obvious. I need to break my Facebook habit. 

Over the past several months I have been doing a great deal of intense brain work. I have also been doing a great deal of decision making. It fatigues the brain. So it became obvious that to compensate I have been doing a lot of FB scrolling.

As we all know, this is a rabbit hole of distraction that no one needs. Also, let's not pretend that FB hasn't become toxic at times. Then there is one more reality for me personally and that is that FB forces me to go down fact checking rabbit holes. 

It isn't good.

Solution: I can only check FB for personal benefit once a day period.

Now with this said, I do have to do actual work on FB. For that I now have a checklist. I have to work the list and stick to it. 

Other Goals

New traffic goal: 15% month over month growth

This goal is quite ambitious. It is going to take some serious elbow grease and serendipity. 

There is so much opportunity for this kind of growth. The secret is to have a defined task list and just work on the next item only. 

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