Have You Checked Your WordPress Timezone?

Have You Checked Your WordPress Timezone?

How to change blog timezone in WordPress

We just launched a new blog recently and when checking the Jetpack stats, I noticed something seemed odd. According to my quick stats view it was already a new day. Now, I was pretty sure that it was only late in the day and I had not actually worked through the night. Nope, I really love my sleep.

This is when I knew that I had forgotten to make a change inside of my WordPress General Settings.

How do you get to your WordPress General Settings?

  • Step 1: Log into your WordPress dashboard
  • Step 2: Scroll down and click on Settings (on the left)


This was my problem child because it was set to a random UTC time zone. When you select the down arrow to set the time zone, there will be a ton of choices. My tip to you is to start typing in the time zone that you are in and it will jump to it or something close.

Ok I hope that your blog is in the same timezone as you, mine is now!

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