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How To Add Beautiful Quotes To Your WordPress Content


Quotes can be a powerful way to add oomph to your writing. They can validate what you are expressing. Quotes can inspire and be used as motivation as well. No matter your reason for using quotes, making them stand out on your website is crucial.

If you are using a quote in your writing, you want that quote to stand out. WordPress has a block quote function built into the standard WordPress dashboard. Check out the screenshot below.

How to use WordPress Blockquote

Personally, I often want my quotes to have a bit more pop to them and that is when I use the options built into Thrive Content Builder. TCB is a premium WordPress plugin that I use to beautify my WordPress content.

Landing Pages for WordPress

Thrive Content Builder has 9 quote template options that you can customize for your needs. In the screenshot below you will see two of the designs.

Thrive Content Builder Quotes option

In the tutorial video listed below, I show you how tutorial video below you will learn how to use the standard WordPress block quote option and how to use each of the 9 Thrive Content Builder options. Note that with Thrive Content Builder you can easily change the color of the quote boxes.

Bonus: Download a free checklist of the first plugins that I always install on a new WordPress Blog. 

Timestamp Notes:

These Thrive Content Builder Boxes are designed for testimonials, which is a fantastic use but I also use them to jazz up quotes in my content. When you use a quote in your content or a testimonial make sure that they stand out. Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas on how to do that.


Thrive Content Builder add quotes, Thrive Content Builder blockquote, WordPress BlockQuote Tutorial

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  1. Hi Renee,

    Motivational and inspirational quotes in website, plays important role attracting Audiences and leave an impression about site. Many bloggers often include the quotes in between the article, express it’s value which is relevant to audience. Here is the best guide to add quotes in WordPress content.

    I have learned the importance of adding quotes in WordPress content and how it is very easy to build using ThriveContentBuilder, a powerful tool for it. I have just bookmarked this tool for next time use to my site. I’m so grateful to you for making aware about this online tool. Watching the video all my doubts disappeared about using this.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. You just made it easy to design and create a beautiful quote and include it to own wardress site.
    Have a good day, Renee. :)
    – Ravi.

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