How to extend the life of a blog post | Podcast #6 - I Teach Blogging

How to extend the life of a blog post | Podcast #6


podcast-how-to-extend-the-life-of-a-blog-postThis guy gets a lot of social reach. Ehhhhn!!

A blog post isn’t untouchable just because it’s been published. Breathe new life into your posts over and over again. Content is available to searchers for as long as it’s published, right? so why not refresh it so that your readers get updated content. Plus, if you ever feel like you’re running out of ideas, get inspired: rejuvenating old content can help you come up with new thoughts and ideas.

More specifically, in this session you’ll find out about:

  • A tip from the previous podcast (ITB 005)
  • A bit of blogging news about Yahoo beating Google on search
  • Six tips on how to extend the life of a blog post
  • My rant about website pop-ups

Tip from the last podcast:

Tip #6 Don’t just promote yourself – spread the love
In the previous blogcast ITB 005: How to promote your blog with social media with a 10-step social media marketing plan.

In this podcast I talk about how social media is not there just for you to promote yourself. Think of your readers: What would you want to read? Provide them with valuable information. Write a list of tips and pre-schedule those for daily release. Once you have done that then look for articles that complement your business and share them on social media. Also, find people to retweet on Twitter. We all appreciate retweets and shares so if you share other people’s information, they are far more likely to help spread the word on yours.

Blogging News:

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team wrote a blog post this week that has the blogging community in an uproar.  The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO.” Listen to the podcast to hear my full notes on this issue but here is my tip about guest post blogging:

Before you guest post, have an established blog of your own. Have your Google Authorship set up on your blog and make sure that the same full name is used on the guest post. A guest post author should be an established blogger.

Getting down to it

As I mentioned in the podcast, I have repurposed an older blog post for this podcast. You can read the full article with tips about how to extend the life of your post here.

The quick version of the tips:

#1 Make and include a video
#2 Make and include a Slideshare
#3 Update post with new information
#4 Create a list of resources related to the topic
#5 Create an infographic from the blog post
#6 Make a podcast


Search Engine Land article about guest post blogging.

Canon HD camcorder

Tips on making a video:

#1 Buy an HD camcorder. It doesn’t need to be studio quality but it does need to be easy to use.

#2 Write a script. It pays to plan.

#3 Use an external microphone if possible. It will make all of the difference in the world in sound quality.

#4 Use video editing software so that you can include an intro and outro. Take a look at Fiverr‘s options.

Thank you so much for stopping by my show notes for podcast #6  in my I Teach Blogging Podcast series.

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