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How to Install a Large WordPress Plugin Using cPanel



The other day, I’m cruising along the highway, feeling sassy, and I noticed an average four-banger sedan that comes up alongside me. I do a double-take because I can’t see through its side windows. The driver is leaning into the wheel, and I realize his seat is pulled all the way forward.  Is that thing filled from floorboard to ceiling? Uh, ok, Beverly Hillbillies here we come.


install large WordPress Plugin







A pull-behind or U-Haul may have been the better, safer option, but ok. Wondering how on earth they got it all in, I imagined they took the car apart, placed all of these items on the ground and then rebuilt the car around it.

Install WordPress Plugin
Me throwing shade, if I were 1991 Bill Clinton.








In truth, these Tetris-loving folks must have known some secret for getting more in that car than the average person ever could. So let’s get down to it…

How to Install a Large WordPress Plugin Using cPanel

In this post, I will show you a work-around solution for installing a WordPress plugin that is TOO BIG to go through the normal installation process. Some days we all need a ninja Tetris secret for how to get that super-sized plugin installed.

Step 1: Log in to hosting cPanel.
Step 2: Click on File Manager.

Cpanel Plugin Install

Step 3: Select Web Root (public_html/www).
Step 4: Check “Show Hidden Files”.
Step 5: Click on Go.

WordPress Plugin fail

The WordPress plugins folder is installed inside the wp-content folder.

Step 6: Click on wp-content.
WordPress plugin crash

Step 7: Click on plugins.

WordPress plugin directory

Step 8: Click on Upload.

WP Plugin crash

Step 9: Click on Choose File.
Step 10: Find your file on your hard drive.

How to install WordPress plugin

Step 11: You should see a notification that the upload is complete.

large WordPress plugin

Step 12: Click on Back to /home.

install WP plugin cPanel

Now that you have installed the plugin, you will need to extract it.
Step 13: Select on the plugin that you just installed.
Step 14: Click on Extract.

Step 15: Click on Extract File(s).

Step 16: Click on Close.

Step 17: Log into the WordPress Dashboard
Step 18: Click on Appearance.
Step 19: Click on Plugins.
Step 20: Find the plugin that you just installed.
Step 21: Click on Activate.

Since we are talking about plugins, you may want to check out my post where I list out a few of my favorite plugins. The plugin that I was installing in this demo is BackupBuddy. Any questions?



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