The worst advice you’ll ever hear about blogging Part 6

The worst advice you’ll ever hear about blogging Part 6


This is part 6 of a blogging series about bad blogging advice. In part 1 I shared 11 pieces of bad blogging advice and below is a brief recap of what we have covered in this series so far. In this blog post we are going to cover another bad blogging tip: blogging is easy, just write some stuff.
how-to-write-a-blog The idea of “just write some stuff” indicates that your content does not matter and that your audience does not matter. The reason that you should blog is to add value and even if you are a humorous blogger you are still adding value. I want you to run a long standing and successful blog and that requires thought before action.

The reason that I do not like this blog tip is because it can frighten people away from blogging. It discounts the idea that for some of us writing is hard and does not come natural. Even those of us who finding writing difficult can run productive blogs if we think it through in advance.

Below is a summary of the first five tips in this series.

#1 If you just write it they will read it.

#1 is flat out not true. Just because you write blog posts and release it, it does not mean that your readers will find you. There are so many reasons for this. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 1

#2 Design doesn’t matter.

There is much more to design then pretty pictures even. Design includes the font type, the spacing between the lines and how the text fits on the page. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 2

 #3 Blog on a free domain and move it later.

This is a subject that I am so passionate about that I wrote a three part blog series on it. The links are listed below and so in this post I will make one statement. Invest in your company and believe in it enough to buy your own domain name and host it yourself. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 3

#4 Write amazing content

This is a controversial topic and frankly it is a vague tip.What exactly is good content? How do you define it other than to say that you know it when you read it. The problem with the statement is that it stops people, I sure know that it has stopped me plenty.  Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 4

#5 Blogging will save your SEO problems

I do believe that blogging can make an impact on your search engine rankings but it is not the SEO solution that you may have been hoping for. I like to think of SEO as ongoing action item list. However, before we get too far read a brief summary of the first bad blogging tips below. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 5

#6 Blogging is easy, just write some stuff

Perhaps that is true if you are journalist but for the rest of us, writing is the hardest part. If you are a natural born entertainer who loves being on stage, it is difficult to understand why the rest of us want to puke the entire time. These kind of statements are made by people who can sit down and write a beautiful blog post as easily as they can eat a bowl of mac and cheese and not gain an ounce. It is just not fair to make such a statement.

Just write, don’t plan? That is what the statement says and that is so wrong and irresponsible. Just write is wonderful for a journal but not wonderful for a professional blog. Blogging does become easier if you plan your post and plan your value add concepts. Then you can fill in the blanks with tips and tactics that make sense.

Instead of just writing some stuff consider just making an outline. Start writing as many tips on a topic as you can think of and then decide on which of those you can expand on. There is a few “just do” ideas in blogging but for the average person “just write” is not one of those.

There is some truth to it all

You do have to eventually write to get a blog post done. Considering that you may want to think about a blog formula. I went over a formula in part 4 of this series, check it out here: insert link.

Have someone else do the writing

If you can not stand the idea of writing then you can hire someone to do it for you. I have even tested out some of these options for clients and they were not all that bad.

A company that I recommend: I have worked with them on behalf of clients in the past and they have wonderful customer service and decent writers. You can expect to pay about $10 an article.

Fiverr is another option that you may want to consider. If you have not heard of this website then you should check it out in general. This is a website full of people who will do things for $5. I have used this site countless times for things ranging from a short piece of content to a video for a client.

Content Curation

When you first hear this phrase you may be concerned that you are stealing content and that is not the case at all. Content curation is taking a snippet of someone else’s content, providing them full credit with links and then adding your comments about the post.

Personally, I am a big fan of content curation and I wrote a blog post about this, check it out here: Should You Curate Content?.

There are quite a few tools that you can use for this and my favorite is Curation Fire. I will be doing a video tutorial and review on this product in the near future, so watch out for that on my membership site. (link to membership)


There is another form of blogging and it is video blogging. I am of the opinion that even with this form of blogging you should still have some amount of text on the page but others would argue otherwise. One of the best video bloggers that I know of is Jody Jelas. Check out her blog and website: She will provide you with tips and ideas on how to make great videos and on business, so this click is a win all of the way around.

If you notice even she puts some words on the page, after her videos. You could have someone transcribe your videos for you and then put that in as your text content. This would take some time and/or money but it would be quite worth it.

While writing may not be easy for all of us it is not out of our abilities. Blogging takes time, planning and action to do it well. I consider myself a shy writer but I love blogging and so I had to find a way to get around the issue. I started writing all of my posts in Evernote and then transferring them to WordPress. This process was less intimidating for me and I believe that you will find your method too.

Thank you for reading this blog post, I am really grateful that you did. Do you have any tips on how to get started writing blog posts that I have left out here? How can I help you get started blogging if you are shy about it?

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