Why I Must Hustle Harder To Achieve My Goal

Why I Must Hustle Harder To Achieve My Goal

Why I Must Hustle Harder To Achieve My Goal

How are you?

This morning I sat down at my desk to work for the first time in a week. Nope, I wasn't on vacation. Oh how, I wish that I had been.

Nope, I had dental surgery. It was a real pain. Yes, a pain in every way. It kept me from work and it hurt in a real way. I finally got my stitches removed and a positive report.

Thank God for great dentists.

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So that is where I have been. I am feeling much better and ready to get back to the business of blogging and WordPress.

So how are you? If you are listening to this I would really love to hear from you.

What is your biggest struggle?

What would you like to learn about next?

I set a goal for 2017 and I am doing terrible at it but I am not giving up. My goal is to create 1,000 pieces of content.

So far I have created 129. Yep, today is April 2 and I am way off base.

Why am I off base?

Well, I got busy. I got a ton of work for the first quarter and that became more important. That is bad but the honest truth. It is a bad example of me though. I really should be able to balance this BUT this is why the goal is so darn aggressive.

Remember, the only reason that I missed a couple of weeks of podcasting was surgery and not a general sense of my busy.

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What I am going to do about it?

Well, I am going to start making more videos. Video is the way of the world right now. Expert after expert says that live video and well any video is the best way to connect and grow an audience, so I am going to do more. That is content so it counts towards the goal.

Right before recording this episode I did a Twitter Periscope and an Instagram video and a quick video for the Blogger Mafia.

Oh and I am going to be stepping up my tutorial content. I have been getting so great feedback from them and they seem to be helping folks. I love doing them AND they are helping so why the heck not.

Why did I set the goal?

Well, I believe that creating valuable content will help me grow this audience. Growing my audience will help me grow the business side of I Teach Blogging.

Speaking of, if you want to help me grow this brand please use my Amazon Affiliate link next time you shop. It is ITeachBlogging.com/Amazon

It is simple to use and it really helps.

Let's talk tools real quick.

When I first started out, heck even a year ago I couldn't afford jack. Paying for hosting was a stress for me. Thankfully, things have improved slightly.

By the way, that is ONLY because I didn't stop. That is the only secret to success. Don't stop and be ok with failure. That is it.

I digress.

So now I have the ability to finally buy just a few things here and there. This weekend I bought what may be the most helpful thing since Thrive Themes. I bought a DJI Osmo Mobile device.

I have a serious natural shake that I was born with. No not the delicious fruity kind that I make with the blender. My body shakes and it is my entire body but it is most noticeable at my hands and head. Well, this makes creating video by just holding out the phone nearly impossible.

Thanks to the DJI Osmo Mobile device, this is no longer a problem. It magically stabilizes my phone and I get a super steady video. It is so wonderful to have this and to be finally be able to invest in my business in this way.

Oh it cost $299. Ouch! It is pricey for sure but gosh is it fabulous.

So Let me end this by asking you again, how are you? How are your goals going? What is the first thing that you will buy next for your business?

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