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Podcast #21 Ideas on what you should know about SEO, at least

SEO Blog | By I Teach Blogging

SEO Blog | By I Teach Blogging

In this episode of the I Teach Blogging Blogcast (a.k.a. podcast)  we will recap a tip from the last podcast, and add in a quick SEO tip then we will we just dive right into the topic of: Ideas on what you should about SEO, at least.

From the last podcast. 

This was a highly personalized podcast where I just talked a bit about being authentic. No matter why you are blogging there is still room for your authentic self. If you are an attorney writing your blog, there may not be a lot of room for cutting up or silliness but there is still room for your voice. Put a bit of you in your blog and your success rate will increase.

Check your Google Webmaster tools. 

When is the last time that you reviewed the Google Webmaster tools for any issues? I recently had an issue with my site map and I would not have known except for my weekly check up. Go ahead and set aside a few minutes to log in and check on the health of your site.

So let’s get down to it

Search Engine Journal released a blog post: What’s The Bare Minimum You Should Know about SEO?. In this article they make some good points and I would like to  add just a few more.

First let’s discuss a few of their points:
They point out it that it may be a bit strange to recommend that you should only know the minimum about SEO but the reality is, if you are a small business owner you must know a great deal about your profession, running your business, client support, purchasing, employee engagement and the list goes on. In truth most small business owners realize that they should know social media, blogging, website management, content and of course SEO. But the other hard truth is, there is just not enough brain space for more than the minimum that you MUST know.

In this post they point out that it is vital to know what it is and of course if you don’t know what it is then you do need to start there.

[box title=”They give their own definition:” bg_color=”#dd9933″ align=”center”]”SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” [/box]

I would like to offer an expanded more human definition or rather explanation. SEO is a process that if implemented well can help you rank better on the search engines. When I say “rank” I mean get on the first page of google. Just being found on Google does not help you. It is of no value if you are on page 109 because people rarely even get past the first page.

What you will learn in this podcast about SEO terms:

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  • What I think doing SEO means
  • What is a SEO Meta Title
  • What is a SEO Meta Description?
  • What are Meta Keywords?


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Thank you so much for stopping by my show notes for the third podcast in my I Teach Blogging Podcast series.

I would love your comments and feedback. Also, if you have any questions that you would like discussed in future episodes, please either leave them in the comments below or shoot me an email at [email protected]

[su_box title=”What do you think?” box_color=”#81c11d” radius=”6″]Please tell us your experiences with SEO. Do you have a tip that the rest of us should use in our SEO daily practices?[/su_box]

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