July 28

Install multiple plugins on WordPress at once



Time is the most valuable tool that I have and there is nothing more exciting than finding a tool that will help me save it. When I am building a new blog or website there is a general list of plugins that I always install. Personally, I find this process monotonous and so this mutli install plugin makes life better.

This plugin will allow you to install multiple WordPress plugins at a time. The steps to use this plugin are simple. All that you need to do is paste the pathway to either the zip file or the link to the plugin in the provided text box. Once you hit the install button all of the plugins will be installed for you.

Below is the tutorial video provided by the maker of the plugin, WP Fruits. To install this plugin click here: Multi Plugin Installer.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to watch the above video the steps to use this plugin are fairly simple.

Step 1: Install Plugin

Step 2: In Dashboard, scroll down on left towards bottom until you see plugin (Multi Plugin Installer)

Step 3: Paste link to plugins like in the image below.

Step 4: Click Install or Install & Activate


I recently used this plugin and it saved me so much time. It may be my new favorite plugin. My tip to using this is have a list of the plugins that you normally install. Save the list with the links to the WordPress plugin page for that specific item in your Evernote and then just copy and paste it from there.



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