Is Google Plus really dead to us?

Is Google Plus really dead to us?

So Google has said that they are not going to focus as much attention on Google Plus. Therefore the world is saying that it is dead.

But is it really dead?

​I say no. It isn't but don't take my word for it. Check out what these folks said:

For marketers, the main benefit of Google+ today is in the way it can cause people who connect with you there to see your results higher in the SERPs as a result of personalized search. That personalization can be quite powerful. However, this depends on your audience being present on Google+.

I think that the point here is that it still adds value and while it may be changing, it is not going away anytime soon. Keep in mind that Google stopped indexing Tweets for a long time and they are doing that again.

It doesn't take long to share your blog post and a blog post that you happen to be reading on Google Plus. My advice is simply go do that today.

Share one of your blog posts on Google Plus and while you are at it, share someone else's too.

Remember sharing is caring!

Now I wanted to go out into the world wide web and find a few Google Plus Tips that I think add real value for us bloggers.

Add to the post.

Google Plus does not have the same character limits that we are accustom to on Twitter. This means that you can add more content than just the blog post title when you share a post. Go ahead and add a key point or even just the first paragraph.

Use Hashtags

G+ makes good use of hashtags and you should too. I will personally do hashtag searches on G+ for a specific topic. If I am doing it, I know that others are too. In a blog post Hootsuite pointed out that G+ uses hashtags in a unique way.

Follow a posting formula

The folks at Social Media Examiner put together a fabulous posting formula for sharing articles on G plus. Make sure that you read the full article but here is a breakdown summary:

1. Create a post title is about 40 characters long and bold

2. Summarize your post with about 159 characters

3. Include a link to the post or the video or media

4. Add a bit of insight or ask a question.

5. Add a few relevant hashtags

When you click on a hashtag in Google Plus not only will it pull up all the posts that have that hashtag but it will pull up related hashtags (see image below for example). This feature allows you to find new and relevant connections, get content ideas, measure the importance of topics, and increase website traffic from those who relate to your content and product. ~Hootsuite

So while it is true that Google is changing their focus on G+, I believe that it is also true that it not going away anytime soon. This is why I recommend that you not ignore it and the potential SEO value that it can offer you.

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