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Making (Just Enough) Time for Social Media



Social media can be overwhelming. All the tools are fairly new, and the art and science of using them when you’re already busy can just feel like a chore. But, integrate them into your daily working plan by only a few minutes a day, and this consistency is what will get your business noticed. You want your neon sign to be flashing OPEN when someone out there is ready to buy what you are selling. 

I recommend that you spend about 15 minutes a day working on your social media. If you do that every day your social media will be effective. Be careful though because social media can and will suck you in and before you know it time has passed and you feel overwhelmed. So it is good to have a plan and clear goals.

Here are a few tips:

twitter tipsTwitter:

– Skim your Direct Messages (DMs) but you may not need to personally respond to each one. Your list of DMs may be auto-responders. See one that’s interesting? Make ONE connection a day.

– Review your Mentions and see if you should say thank you to anyone who retweeted you. (These are Andi’s favorite – who’s talking about her and who can she thank next!?)

– Retweets are awesome, so if you see something in your timeline worth sharing then by all means do so. It’s a compliment!


facebook tips for local business– Remember why you are logged in — not to play Mafia Wars or any such game. Games are fun but they are distracting. I stickler for time management and shuns anything that pulls me far left from my goals, including my personal facebook profile.

  • Check your Business Page wall to see if you need to respond to any questions or comments. Find a way to master Facebook updates and makes every visit count.

  • Go like a couple of new Businesses Pages every day and leave a quick comment while you’re there. Example 1: “Hi, I just happened to browse here through @AidaRojas, so I “Liked” your Page.” (We all like to know when we are receiving referrals, and that counts for online visits, too.)

[su_pullquote align=”right”]I recommend that you spend about 15 minutes a day working on your social media. If you do that every day your social media will be effective. [/su_pullquote]Example 2: “Your bakery is in my neighborhood! Glad to see you have a facebook. Stop by mine sometime and let me know what you think of my totally awesome event.” (Replace “bakery” with any number of local shops that might be near your business. Everyone likes to know who their neighbors are.)

Example 3: “Thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend!” (Brief but friendly – not every comment needs to be detailed.)

  • Update your wall with an article or something of interest. A great example might be to update your Facebook Business wall with a major weather event or cheer all of the local students on as they start their first day of school.

The key factor is to log in, make a splash and get on with the business of your business. Social media is a tool that, if used properly, can expose your business to lots and lots of people. This is great, right? Yes! Just be watchful of time spent doing so and don’t let it take over your life.

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