I crashed my blog Podcast 019 | How to backup your Wordpress Blog

I crashed my blog Podcast 019


I crashed my blog! Now before you feel too sorry for me just know that I was doing some serious backend code work. I made a mistake, not just once but three times.



I wanted to share what happened so I made a quick podcast about it. This podcast is out of the norm for podcast. It was only 2 minutes long and did not have any additional tips in it. If this is your first introductory to my podcast you should go listen to podcast 18 to get a real feel for my podcasting style. However, I do plan to continue doing more quick podcasts in the future, so do let me know what you think of the super fast format.

Before you change any code on your site:

  1. Make sure that you have your cpanel access username and password.
  2. Make sure that you backup your blog.
  3. Don’t do it during peak traffic time.

What is a cpanel?

Cpanel is essentially access to your hosting account. This is where your database and all of your files are stored. Depending on what type of changes that you are making it is possible that you would need access to this in the first place.

I was making changes to a dangerous file called htaccess. This is such a dangerous file that is hidden from you in the file manager. To access this file you have to go through a step to access hidden files. My advice to you is that if you are going this deep into your code have a developer on speed dial incase something goes wrong.

However, do know that if you have that backup most things can always be recovered from. There was a time when I had a developer on staff and I told her that if she did not crash the site we were building at least once she was not working hard enough.

How do you backup your blog?

The first thing that I would recommend that you do is:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Tools
  • Click on Export
  • Select All Content
  • Click on Download Export Files

The second thing that I would recommend is to have a backup plugin installed. I am using Online Backup for WordPress on this blog.

If you are running Thesis there is a third step that I recommend:

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Thesis
  • Click on Skin Editor
  • Go to Manager
  • Click on Create New Backup
  • Export new backup
[notification type=”success”] What has been your experience with crashing blogs? Have you had one crash on you yet? How often do you backup your blog? [/notification]

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