February 28

You Need To Know This Right Now Today


Owning a website is confusing. There are a lot of moving parts. There is a lot to keep up with. That is all aside from worrying about hacking and creating that pesky content.

If you do own a website there are questions that you need to ask yourself today and they are urgent.

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If you own a website you need to know this.

  • Do you know what premium products are being used on your site?
  • What WordPress is being used on your site?
  • Where is your website hosted?
  • Where is your domain name?
  • What premium plugins are being used on your site?

If you had a developer create your website or your blog you need to have access to all the logins for your premium products.

Ask your developer today how you can log into the theme shop and the account for your premium plugins.

Why does this matter?

It matters because if you have a question about how to update something on your theme, you may need to log into the theme shop forum and ask for help or you may want to reach out to tech support. In most cases to do either of these things you need a username and password or proof of purchase to contact tech support.

If someone else purchased a premium product on your behalf make sure that you have a receipt and it was done under your name with your email address.


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  1. Hey Renee –

    Great points.

    All those things are important to be sure, but I would love to see a chart (graph, whatever) of hosting companies ranked (A-F, 1-10, whatever).

    I have websites (and domains) with several different companies: NameCheap, Name, Squarespace, Google, and others.

    The worst, by far, has been Network Solutions.

    That’s where I first registered a domain and hosting. They are a complete joke. Their support is non-existant – even when you’re paying for it. Early renewal – without warning or permission (sometimes as much as a year early) is common.

    I’ve had more trouble with NW than with all their other hosting/registration companies combined – and that’s saying a lot.

    I know you recommend Site Ground and I plan on giving them a try soon, but I think some folks need to think hard about who they choose as their hosting partner. The wrong one can be an expensive mistake to fix.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Did I miss a podcast lately? Or, did you get busy?

    Hope it’s the last.

    Take care,

    Eric Chunn
    [email protected]

    1. Eric,

      Hey you! Thanks so much for this. A ranking is a great idea. Right now I am only recommending SiteGround but I am considering branching out because for first time bloggers, there are more cost effective starter packages.

      I will be back on the mic starting today April 2. I had dental surgery and it made it talking a challenge for a couple of weeks.

      Blog On!

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