April 16

Oh Damn, I didn’t do it again!


When I was in a standard 9 to 5, I dreaded the work week so terribly much. It felt like the week just drug on and on. So I convinced myself that if I could just push with all of my might to get through Tuesday, the week was practically over at that point. It sounds silly to say that out loud, but it worked.

We can convince ourselves of anything.

Have you heard about the guy who struggled to work out? He told himself every day that he only had to do one pushup each day. That is all that he ever had to do. If he would just do one, it would be fine. What he quickly realized that is since he was down there he may as well do more.

He gave himself an easy path to momentum.

The ugh for me right now is how easy it is to put something off when you have already been putting it off. Perhaps the real power of momentum is that momentum begets momentum.  

There are a lot of reasons not to do something, and it is so easy to create an environment or situation for not doing things. Excuses are easy and golden. Sometimes excuses take effort and work. Sometimes we have to think quick on our feet.

  • I can't record today because the lawn people are coming. That would be annoying.
  • I can't record today because I need to write more episodes first.
  • Oh, I didn't record the last few days so I should get my head on right and dive back in on Monday.
  • Oh crap, it is Monday and I didn't do that final pre-work on Friday.

BUT, here is the truth. There was a time when I recorded no matter what. I had strep throat once, and I found a way to get an episode out there. So what is my problem?

As best as I can tell, it is two things.

  • 1
    Laziness often wins
  • 2
    I have been struggling with direction.

Honestly, item 2 is the winner here. This topic probably deserves an episode. (Just made a note now)

So now that I resolved the issue of direction, it is time to do just one push up.


What if I don't have enough time, What if I fail

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