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Why You Only Need One Goal At A Time


Goal setting is sexy but goal doing is difficult.

It feels a bit creepy to be discussing this right now because it is "in" to talk about goals at the end of the year / start of the year. But here we are and coincidentally I recently achieved some goals and it is time for a new one.

If you walked into my office at any given time it would look like I am the worlds best goal setter. There are sticky notes and notebooks and journals everywhere. The truth is, I set a lot but I don't always achieve them all.

  • Goal setting is easy!
  • Goal achieving is hard!

But with that said, I have set a goal for 2017. It is to create and publish 1,000 pieces of content.

Insane right??!

1 Rule: It has to be useful

Of course useful is subjective but it is the goal.

What defines a piece of content?

1. Blog Posts (including guest post)

2. Newsletter

3. Podcast

4. Video of any kind

Can I achieve this?

I honestly do not know.

What is the purpose?

The bring attention to my WordPress Maintenance Service and my brand (I Teach Blogging)

Thoughts on Goal Setting:

How many times have you set the same goals year after year? I am going to really really really lose 10 pounds this year or I am going to eat healthy? Is this you? It is me!

This is why I have a new theory about goal setting and it is that we set way too many. It is great to have big ideas and lots of big goals but how many things can we really change at once. It seems like goals often require change and that is the reality.

How many habits can we break at one time? If we want to shed some pounds it means that we have to change something right? In most cases it means that our eating habits need to change. So if we say that we are going to lose weight AND work out, that is two habits that we need to change.

How many additional things can we focus on at one time. I don't know about you but I have big dreams and big goal ideas but I can only focus on one of them at a time. Can you start a blog, start working out, not eat sugar and start lifting weights all in one month? I think not! Perhaps you could if you had absolutely nothing else happening in your life such as a family, pets and a house to manage.

A Goal Setting Tool

John Lee Dumas created The Freedom Journal to help us all achieve our goals and I can say that it works. It is also a lot of work but I attribute my 2016 success to the principles in this journal. The premise is that you set one single goal, a big goal, and you spend 100 days achieving it. It is your accountability partner and in truth it is only as good as you make it.

If you really want to achieve your 2017 goal and you feel that accountability would be good for you, like it was for me then I highly recommend this book.

So I have one huge goal this year to create 1,000 pieces of content. It is insane. It is crazy. Wish me well!

Now, you tell me about you. Do you have a goal? Are you not setting a goal on purpose? If you are setting a goal, what is it?


How many goals should you have, Thoughts on goal setting

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