April 20

Let’s Talk About A Blog Niche, Shall We?


The most important decision that a new blogger will make is what on earth they are going to blog about.

Clearly defining your blog niche is the single greatest success tip that I can give any new blogger.

Having too broad of a topic, is most likely the biggest reason that a blog fails.

Listen, I get it. Blogging is frightening. Blogging makes us feel insecure, at times. What if we narrow our niche to something so specific and no-one cares?

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If you want to be a blogger then I dare you to be brave.

Commit to a blog niche today!

Now, here is the most difficult challenge of all: Don't change your niche tomorrow, or next week or next month. Be ready to blog about this topic for the long haul.

What should your blog niche be and why?

There are quite a few reasons that someone starts a blog but there are three primary reasons. The first reason is that you own a business and you need to promote it. The second reason is that you are an expert in a topic or want to become an expert in a topic. The third reason is that you are passionate about something and want to talk about it.

It is also possible to find a way to merge all three reasons into one. In my case, I am passionate about blogging, have been able to train myself into a knowledge of authority (I refuse to say that I am an expert because I still have so much to learn) and I hope to make money with the blog.

These days more and more people are starting a blog with the hopes of selling advertising. This is what we are doing with our FunCityStuff.com blog. We hope in time to be able to sell advertising for the blog and make a decent living, while providing valuable and useful content.

So back to you.

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Why do you want to blog?
  • What are you itching to share?
  • Do you have a business to promote?
  • Do you have an idea?

Let's walk thru an example below

Note: For the sake of conversation, I am going to pretend that I am creating a new blog.

My Blog Niche Idea

My niche for this blog project is Premium WordPress Tools. For example, I will be creating tutorials, reviews and general information about a few specific projects.

I do not know all of the projects yet but I do know that I will be creating posts and info about Thrive Themes, Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Leads and Long Tail Pro.

Why I choose my niche?

Passion matters and I am extremely passionate about blogging and all of the tools surrounding the process of blogging. WordPress is my platform of choice and I spend a great deal of time teaching people how to use it.

Do people care about this idea?

Now that you have an idea and you have found something that you passionate about, it is time to see if enough people are searching for the idea.

Step 1: Google Keyword Tool

I just logged into the Google Keyword Tool and did a quick search on my topics above. As you can see in the screenshot below, people are indeed searching on this topic.

Note: This type of search does not tell us how competitive it will be to rank on Google. It just tells us if people are searching on the topic.

Step 2: Are other people blogging about it?

As a new blogger, your first instinct may be to think that a niche without competition is a good thing but it isn't. As a matter of fact, knowing that other people are blogging about a topic means that there is success to be had.

Go to BuzzSumo.com and do a quick search on your topic. If you see that other people are blogging on the topic and have social shares, then you are in the right area.

You can go into far more detail on your keyword research but, if you pass these first two steps, the odds are very high that you are headed in the right direct.


The key factor for you to keep in mind is that blogging is a great deal of work. Trust me when I tell you that it is far, far more work than you can even begin to realize.

This is why you need to have a sense of passion about your topic first. Then you need to know that people are interested in your topic.

An advanced tip is to use a tool such as Long Tail Pro and figure out how competitive a blog topic really is. This just means learning how difficult it will be to rank on the first page of Google. However, do know that there are other ways to grow a blog besides being on the first page of Google.

After that it is just a matter of digging in, dedicating yourself to the topic and not giving up. If you are ready to start blogging but setting up the blog freaks you out, check out my blog setup package.

Do you have a blog niche picked out? If so share it with us below. Do you have any questions or thoughts about blog niches?

My Favorite Blogging Tools That I Use Daily:


How to pick a blog niche, How to start a blog, What should I blog about?

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