Do you have this problem? The Problem with Perfection!

Podcast #31: Do you have this problem? The Problem with Perfection!

dealing-with-perfectionism and blogging

In this podcast we are going to discuss a quick tip from the previous podcast and then we are going to discuss the problem with perfection.

Tip from Podcast 30: Blogging is easy, just write some stuff

Just write, don’t plan? That is what the statement says and that is so wrong and irresponsible. Just write is wonderful for a journal but not wonderful for a professional blog. Blogging does become easier if you plan your post and plan your value add concepts. Then you can fill in the blanks with tips and tactics that make sense.

Instead of just writing some stuff consider just making an outline. Start writing as many tips on a topic as you can think of and then decide on which of those you can expand on. There is a few “just do” ideas in blogging but for the average person “just write” is not one of those.

Now let’s get down to it and discuss the problem with perfection

In the process of recording episodes for this podcast, I get up from my mic often. I find so many important things to do that are urgent….more urgent than recording a podcast. That is not true though. None of those things are more important that recording those podcasts.

What is really happening?

I start to worry about the fact that I talk fast. Can I really add value. If I just wait and record later I will come up with better things to say. If I wait until later I may add better value. Perhaps if I want my voice will sound better.

This fear. This insecurity stops people. It stops me and it has likely stopped you.

This year we created a Mantra and one of the things on the Mantra is: Done is better than Perfect.

What you will learn in this podcast about dealing with perfectionism:

  • Learn about what stops bloggers in their tracks.
  • A story about an entrepreneur who was afraid to launch.
  • A story about a successful blog launch that almost didn’t happen.
  • Tips on how to deal with perfectionism.
  • How I am dealing with the perfectionism curse.

A final parting thought: I heard today on a podcast: 10% of life is about what happens to you and 90% of life is about how you respond to it. In the world of blogging perhaps 10% of what matters is the knowledge that you have and 90% of it is about whether or not you share it.

If you can make someone laugh with your blog do it. If you can teach someone how to hang a picture do it. I think that I can teach you something about blogging, so I am going to do that.

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