A Quick Blogging Tip: How To Promote Your Blog On Quora

A Quick Blogging Tip: How To Promote Your Blog On Quora

How To Promote Yourself On Quora

Being active on Social Media is an important part of growing a blog. There are so many different blogging platforms today and it can be quite challenging to pick where to spend your time.

Facebook Groups are a wonderful place to build connections but so is Quora. However, one of the issues is how do you promote yourself without being a jerk?

A while back I wrote a post called: What is Quora and how can it help you with your blog? Today I wanted to provide a quick follow up tip.

Just recently I was on Quora and saw someone provide a wonderful answer to a question and then they put this at the end of their answer. Check out the thread here. This the exact plug below:

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Warning: Shameless self-promotion coming up

If you want to read the whole article, it's available here: 7 ways to drive traffic to your blog right now - Fuzzy & Birch

Did you see what she did there?

She provided a truly valuable answer to a question and it wasn't a short answer. She didn't hold back at all. Then at the end, she linked to the entire post. This is a beautiful use of Quora.

She also got 16 up votes for her answer. So as always the answer to all things blog growth is to provide value first.

Value! Value! Value! Link!

Now keep in mind that this is not an option on all social media platforms. For example, in most Facebook Groups you are not allowed to do such self promotion. So before you start doing this everywhere, make sure that you are fully aware of the rules.

However, I challenge you today to set aside some time and go to Quora. Go there and add insane value and then do a shameless plug just like Jenni did.

A quick tip to make your Quora answer stand out

Format your answers in an eye-catching way

Quora may not be known much as a visual network, which means a there could be a big opportunity if you’re able to include some visuals in your Quora content. ~Buffer Blog

Before reading this tip from Buffer I didn't even realize that I could add images to Quora. So if your topic is educational in nature, screenshots could add some serious value to your answer. Also, they will really make your answers stand out.

What do you think? Do you use Quora and if so what has been your experience?

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