May 19

SEO Is Not Dead But It Is Evolving With Neil Sheth


SEO is not dead but it is evolving. In today's Podcast interview Neil Sheth comes on the show to have a real conversation about SEO with us bloggers. He is an SEO expert and thankfully in the show today he talks about SEO in a human way that we can all understand.

What is discussed on the podcast

  • We discuss how SEO has changed and how important branding is today
  • SEO is a long game and fast success doesn't often last
  • The difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO
  • How SEO can be thought about as doing PR online
  • We discuss whether you should pursue the concept of private blog networks
  • A few tips for someone who hasn't started blogging yet
  • A few tips for someone who has been blogging for a year
  • How to define your audience

Neil is the Founder of Your Brand Found, who teaches small businesses and entrepreneurs how to create a BRAND online that attracts and builds relationships with your target audience, which ultimately leads to more traffic and sales online.


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