How To Set A Featured Image On A WordPress Blog

How To Set A Featured Image On A WordPress Blog

How To Set A Featured Image On A WordPress Blog

Recently someone asked me how to choose what image shows up on the blog page. The key is to set your featured image in WordPress for that specific blog post.

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to do just that.

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The image below is a screenshot of my blog page, where my featured images show up. ​

Step 1: Open a blog post
Step 2: Click on "Set featured image" (Scroll down on the right)
Step 3: Select an image from your media library or upload to your media library.

Note: Make sure that the image you want has the blue checkmark.

Step 4: Give your image a Title, Alt Text and Description

Note: I often use my blog post title in these sections

Step 5: Click on Set Featured Image
Step 6: Verify image shows up.

Note: You should only see the option to remove the featured image now.

Step 7: Save Draft


Your featured image is not only to have a nice and relevant image on your blog but it is also what generally gets shared on social media. This means that your image should represent your blog and your brand in a professional manner.

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