May 8

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Idea


Ideas are not as original as you may think. Are you concerned about sharing your idea with others?

Recently an entrepreneur told me that he has an idea that he would love to turn into a business but he doesn't trust anyone with the idea. He can't make the product by himself and he is afraid that if he hires someone or talks about it that someone will steal it. 

The truth is that if he doesn't get help with it, it will never happen. So is it worth the risk or is it worth never doing. 

You have to take risk with business. Set ideas free into the wild. If someone steals it, you will come up with another one. 

Ideas are a dime a dozen. What makes the idea valuable is how you execute on it. If you are concerned about this, just consider the fact that you likely shop at Target and Wal-Mart. The only real difference between these two stores is style. Each of them handles the store setup and customer experience in completely different ways. However, they carry the same general products.

If you are thinking but my idea is more unique then that, I get it. There are ways to protect your ideas and share them at the same time. You can create a simple non disclosure agreement (NDA) and have someone sign it before you share your big idea. Here is a link for a simple one that is a free template. 

So go ahead and share your idea with us in the comments below. Practice putting ideas out into the universe. 

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  1. It’s quite hard for anyone to share ideas publicly but then again no idea is original. There is always a twist

  2. Great thought, here. I am the same way with any new blog post ideas I have! It’s so hard not to stay tight-lipped in a crowded space (I’d share one as requested, but I’m honestly having some major creative block these days).

  3. I often feel that several people get a similar idea, then it depends on how has the ability to get it to market first, if it is a marketable idea. When I had my first baby, Nick, my best friend and i thought it would be great to have nursing cape, we didn’t tell anyone else, but not long after “nursing capes” appeared at Walmart, I’m sure others just thought it would be awesome too. Thanks for sharing!

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