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Renee' Groskreutz

If you have any questions or troubles feel free to contact me and I will do all that I can to help you.

Why this blog runs on SiteGround Hosting:

  • They are blazing fast. Studies show that the industry average load time is 4.7 seconds and their average is 1.7 seconds.
  • Their support blew me away. They offer the best support of any hosting company that I have ever dealt with.
  • They love WordPress. They will move your WordPress blog for you FOR FREE.
affordable wordpress hosting

SiteGround Reviews Across the Web

Lee Wright (actual client)

A few weeks ago we needed to quickly set up an account and a site. I’d not used SiteGround before, and Miroslav was extremely helpful in walking through the process and quickly taking care of a mistake I made with my initial order. And after that very positive experience, I came back this evening to set up another site and he was again immediately helpful. 

Now that you fully understand why I recommend SiteGround, let's get down to it.

Step 1: Click here to buy your hosting account and get a free domain name.

"Your hosting account will be home for your WordPress blog and your email."

Step 2: Click on WordPress Services.

top wordpress hosting

affordable hosting to build a blog

Step 3: Choose your plan...

"You can upgrade your plan at any time. I am currently using the StartUp plan."

Note: In the next step you will be prompted to choose your domain name or you can use a domain name that you already own. The choice is yours.

Step 4: Either choose your free domain name or choose to use your current domain name.

"Tip: Considering that a free domain name is given, go ahead and get one. Consider buying your name or another take on your blog name and pointing it."

cheap website hosting

sign up for website hosting and get a free domain name

Step 5: Place your order....

Note: It is my recommendation to uncheck the boxes highlighted in red. You can always add these items later.

If there is one item that you may want to consider above all others it would be the Basic Backup Service.

“Now, you should receive an email from SiteGround that includes your login information. Go ahead and log into your account and follow the directions below to install WordPress.”

Step 6: Sign into your SiteGround hosting account and click on My Accounts.

a tutorial on how to install wordpress

how to install WordPress in 5 minutes

Step 7: Click on cPanel

You are almost there. cPanel is where all of the magic happens.

Step 8: Scroll down in your cPanel and click on WordPress.

how to setup WordPress

how to install WordPress

Step 9: Make sure that the Install tab is selected.

A. Choose the domain that you would like to install WordPress On.

B. Make sure that the In Directory is blank. This way, you will have WordPress installed directly on your url.

Step 10: Make note of your Admin username, password and email.

Note: You can change these fields if you would like.

how to install WordPress

a tutorial on how to install WordPress

Step 11: Click on Install

Congratulations! You just installed WordPress on your brand new SiteGround hosting account.

How to login to WordPress...

If you have further questions about how to get started blogging, you should stop by knowledge-base for video tutorials and step-by-step instructions on WordPress basics.