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Podcast #17 5 Social Media Business Blog Goal Questions



In this episode we will recap a tip from the last podcast, a quick seo tip and then we are going to get down to it with a conversation about 5 Social Media business blog goal questions.

Tip from Podcast 16 About Probloggers Content Tips

In the previous podcast I reviewed a blog post by Pro Blogger because, well he is awesome and writes amazing stuff. But a point from his words that I want to relay here:

It means you need to be producing visually appealing, socially shareable, bite-size pieces of content that people can love, share, and leave.

We are in a media world now and a blog or a blog post is your hub and from there everything stems. The new google algorithm made social media cues an important part of your ranking. While content still matters, length of content, quality and value of content still matter now so does Google Plus 1’s and social shares. As a result you have to pay attention to what your social looks like. Are your social updates visually appealing? Are the bite sizes that you provide interesting enough to not only spawn a link but to also induce sharing?

This was an exciting article and so you may want to go back to podcast 16 pay a listen and stop by the show notes page for the link to the original article by Pro Blogger.

SEO Tip for the day:

In today’s digital world you need to stop thinking in terms of a single keyword. Instead start thinking in terms of phrases or questions. More and more searches are happening in a mobile environment and by voice. When people are doing search by voice they do not just say a keyword such as “SEO.” Instead people say phrases like “How can I do my own SEO?”

Now let’s get down to it

The two major evils of marketing are: Failing to plan, and not working your plan. With spring approaching (where did winter go folks?), it is time to evaluate or create your Social Media Goals. To get you started in writing this year’s goals, consider answering the following five questions:

1. What is My Primary Business Purpose for Social Media?
2. What is Social Media Success to Me?
3. Are the Numbers of Social Media Exposures Increasing in My Campaign?
4. What NEW Areas of Social Media Would Help My Business Grow?
5. What Existing Successful Area of Social Media Can I Improve?

Listen to the podcast to hear my full thoughts on this topic.

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