42 Pieces to Improve Your Social Media Audience Part 3 Podcast #47 - I Teach Blogging

42 Pieces to Improve Your Social Media Audience Part 3 Podcast #47


In this podcast we are we are going to get down to it with a conversation about 42 Quick Social Media Tips part 3 and then
going to discuss a quick thought for the day.

Now let’s get down to it with a conversation about Social Media Marketing

Quite a while back now, I sat down to write as many social media tips as I could think of in a single sitting. I complied the list into 42 tips because well, why not. In the next few podcasts we are going to go thru the list together and see if I still believe these tips are true today and what I think about them. Keep in mind that I did not edit this list in advance of this podcast so this is a journey for both of us.


  1. Update your Facebook wall daily.
  2. You best Facebook wall post times are between 8:30a–9:30a and 4:30p–7:00p Monday through Friday.
  3. Your best weekend and holiday post times are 10a–12p and 4:30p–7:00p.
  4. Cross “Like” other businesses whose audience would benefit from your product.
  5. Be the last to respond to all comments on your Wall even if it is “Thanks.”
  6. Insert pictures into your wall posts.
  7. Consider adding custom tabs or contact forms to your Facebook fan page.


  1. Keep your videos short. Best time length is 30 secs to 2 mins.
  2. Each video you create should address one project or answer one question.
  3. Mention your company name in the beginning of all titles, descriptions, and tags.
  4. Brand the background of your YouTube channel.

Tip or thought for the day: Show some blog love

Don’t forget to focus on others. As a new blogger is easy for it become all about you or in my case, all about me. However, it is important to remember to support other bloggers. Find other new bloggers in your genre and comment on their blogs. Don’t feel as though someone else in your genre is a competitor. Instead see those bloggers as an associate and do all that you can to support them. Along those same lines if you leave a link to your blog in my show notes comments I will make sure and stop by your blog.

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