Sometimes I run out blog post of ideas

Sometimes I run out of ideas



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Actually, that is a big fat lie. I run out of security or it’s better to say that I become insecure. Here is how it all goes:

self: Ok I should write a blog post about idea X.
self: But someone else has already done that.
self: Yes, you are right but here is my spin.
self: Yes, but that person did not also provide a tutorial.
self: True, but what if you write about this safe topic over here.

At this point, I am probably sounding a bit crazy, but I do have a point. The odds are good that if you have something to blog about, it has already been blogged about. This fact should make us as bloggers feel more secure, yet it often makes us more insecure. 

Why is a heavily covered blog topic a good topic?

This often means that it is a worthy topic. Good bloggers spend time thinking about their audience and writing about what that audience wants to read and learn about. 

Suggestion: If you are unsure of what to blog about next Google your topic. Read 5 articles on your desired topic and make notes:
What I agree with.
What I disagree with.
Do they have any comments.
What are the number of social shares?
What would could you add to the post?
What do you wish that would have said?

[box title=”” bg_color=”#dd9933″ align=”center”]If you said yes to any of the things above then you should write a blog post on that topic.

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