July 18

Let’s Talk About It (Speech to Text)


Alright so some of you may or may not know, but I was born with a natural shake. My entire body shakes all the time, and my hands shake extra bad because they are extensions of my body. I have adjusted to this because I've had this my whole life. The fact remains that some things are a little more challenging than others.

For example, typing on the iPhone is a severe challenge for me. I type on an iPhone like I am a sloth crossing the road. My slowness makes texting or responding to a Facebook post or something of that nature very difficult for me but not impossible. But then the other day I had an idea why am I not using text-to-speech more often?

This idea has been life-altering for me. Now I'm using text-to-speech to create this specific blog post in Google Docs. Fortunately, I'm a fast typer on a standard keyboard.  I know that I express myself better through voice. So I started to experiment with whether or not I could blog faster if I did text to speech on Google Docs. The answer is an absolute, yes.

So to experiment with this, I did a guest post for a buddy of mine with speech. What I did was I spoke out the entire article, and it wasn't perfect. Once I finished, I read over it and fix any errors. Then I took it to Grammarly as I would with any article and fix any suggestions from that. I went from idea to article ready to publish in 15 minutes.

That is freaking insane.

Now my buddy is doing this and creating content much faster as well. Now let's get back to the iPhone. I am trying to do the Gary Vee dollar eighty methods. To make a long story short, what that means is that I want to leave 70 to 90 comments a day on Instagram posts. The theory is to be more freaking social. As you most likely know, Instagram is a phone app. Yes, there is a web version, but it's not as fast to use. So trying to leave 90 comments a day for my iPhone while typing with my shake is a giant pain in my butt. I couldn't get it done. So then I thought what if I start using voice to text from the iPhone to leave the comments. I could do all this work in about an hour. I also found that I was leaving better comments as well.

So I'm pretty enthralled and pretty excited about this. I hope that you try it too.

This post was proofread by Grammarly


Speech to text

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  1. I just discovered your podcast yesterday. I started at the very first one. It is so much of what I needed. I love your batching ideas. Pushing me through that might give me the best advantage yet. I’m still very early stages, but I am happy to be reading and listening to your tidbits. Voice to text is something I have dabbled with for other reasons, Google Docs eh? I’ll have to give it a try.

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