Stop hating your readers and do these three things

Podcast #34: Stop hating your readers and do these three things


In this podcast we are going to discuss a quick tip from the previous podcast, a quick SEO tip and then we are going to discuss Stop hating your readers and do these three things.

Tip from Podcast 33: 3 Easy SEO Tips for your blog

Optimize your social profiles

Once you have decided upon what your blog theme seo keywords are go back to your social profiles and add the same keywords. Make sure that you use complete sentences here. Do not just cram a bunch of keywords in profile but do make sure that the profile fits your blog.

Google is not a fan of link building so you have to find a way to do it naturally. There is nothing more natural than someone finding your site through a social link. If someone finds a link to your blog through social and then references, you have won and they have won.

However, it is important to make sure that people know what you are about and this is why you need to optimize your social.

SEO Tip of the Day

Citations (this tip is from Search Engine Watch)

Make sure wherever you list the name of your business online (or where anyone else has listed it) that everything in each one is the same as the other. Meaning the name, phone number, contact, address, etc. between all listings is the same, not similar.

This is such an important tip. It is also a time consuming and difficult thing to keep straight. Recently, I was having a conversation with any attorney who moved cities. When I did just a few moments of digging on him I saw that he was listed in different cities in different ways and this is of course hurting him online.

The first thing that I would advise here is that you sit down and finalize how you want your business listed. Once you have every thing figured out, comma placement full name or initials then start analyzing your listings.

Now let’s get down to it and discuss blog design for your reader!

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  • Is your blog unattractive?

It is important to make your blog pleasing to the eyes. Have lots of whitespace on the page. Make your blog post easy to read and easy to scan. Use bullet points, short paragraphs and images. Consider putting double space between the paragraphs. Use bold font on occasion and do not be afraid of larger font for sub paragraphs. People like to scan before they read to make sure that it is going to be an easy read.
Tip: Start paying attention to the design of your favorite blogs on your topic. How do they look? What type of font are they using? How do they format their text?

  • Do people have to squint to read your blog post?

Can you read this?
Plenty of people today have trouble with their vision so do not make it difficult for people to read your blog post. You do not need to go crazy with 18 point font but you may want to consider 14 point or 15 point. The key here is to consider your audience. The older the audience the larger your font should be but no matter the target age make it easy on the reader. It is also important to consider your font type. If you have a serif font it may make for a more difficult read.

  • I hate your pop up!

Pop ups are great and there are plenty of statistics that prove that they are great for websites and bloggers but they are not working well on mobile devices. There was a time when I was a huge fan of these things but I have come to hate them so much that I started a category in one of my other blogs about it. The category is called “I hate your website.” This is because I like most of America have taken to reading blogs on my phone. When I go to a website on my phone and a pop up comes up on the screen I generally can not get rid of it. Therefore my only choice is to navigate away form the site. There is no doubt that I have missed out on some amazing content because of this. If you do choose to have a pop up just be aware and test it on multiple devices.


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