Submit Your Website To These 6 Places For Free And Easy

Submit Your Website To These 6 Places For Free And Easy

where to submit your site to search engines


Quick Summary:

There are endless website submission services out there in the wild world of the internet but there are 6 places that I always submit websites to for indexing. Note that there are split decisions on whether this process is still required in 2017. Search engines are getting quicker at finding new sites but my opinion is, why wait when you can knock on the door and alert them?

1. Google:

2. Yahoo/Bing:

3. Submit Express:

4. Free Web Submission:

5. All Site Cafe:

6. Add Me:

When I am ready to make a transaction, I like to make it straight away. There are an abundance of people in my life who love online shopping. 

Are you one of those kind?

I get it, I really do but it is not my gig. When I am ready to fork over some of my hard earned cash or my well used debit card, I want my item.

I do not want to wait for the delivery guy to show up at my door,ughh. I do not want to pay for shipping!

The fact is, I do not want to friggin wait. I gave you money so give me my thing. Now! This is probably why I love Best Buy so much. I give them money and they give me cool stuff.

In this blog post we are going to discuss submitting your site to search engines and I will provide a list of 6 places that you can submit your website to for faster indexing. Also, there are step-by-step screenshots of how to use it each submission site mentioned in this post. 

I do want to be upfront here and let you know that there are some people who say that there is no need to do these submissions manually. The search engines have gotten quite speedy in their spider crawls and these people people say don’t waste the time. But like I said above, I don’t want to wait. I want to do the manual submissions and I want to know that it is done.

2017 Update Note:

Getting a site indexed is not the same thing as getting a site ranked. Site indexing and site ranking are two different concepts. Of course if your site isn't indexed it can't be ranked.

Site Indexing means that the search engines are aware that your site exists. By following the steps below you will theoretically inform the search engines about your site much quicker.

Site ranking means that your page or post gets on the first page of the search engine. This is the goal of SEO (search engine optimization.

If you would like to skip ahead to a specific part of this post, just click on your desired item in the quick navigation pane below. 

Website Indexing, is my site there yet?

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: In the search box type: Site: 

Note: put your live domain name in place of ""

In the image above you will note that I put the http:// in the search string. My recommendation to you is to open your blog and copy and paste the site url. Also of note is that I put in a sub directory of blogging in my search strand. This comes down to site structure, so I will break it down for you.

My site is a website that has a blog attached to it, it is not a blog in and of itself. This can be a confusing distinction, even for me so let me explain.

Site Example with blog attached <—-my website <—my blog

There are sites that their homepage is their blog page and that is fine. My point here is to show you that when you do a site search for indexing you can include just your root or you can include your subdomain, as I did here.

Did your do your 5 things first?

In a recent post, 5 Website Dos Before Submitting to Search Engines, we talked about several important things to consider before running out and submitting to all the search engines of the world. Today, I am listing my 7 recommended free places to present your site for indexing.

First, you will need to have a title, a short paragraph description, and even some basic category ideas written out before you begin the process. Next, you may want to consider creating a separate email account for your listings. Once you begin working with directories, you will get tons of offers to verify your account (which is good), along with offers for everything under the sun i.e. spam (which is bad). Finally, to accomplish this process you should block out a couple hours of uninterrupted time.

6 Places to Submit Your Website for Indexing

Ready? Let’s begin…
1. Google:
2. Yahoo/Bing:
3. Submit Express:
4. Free Web Submission:
5. All Site Cafe:
6. Add Me:

Note: I have updated this blog post as of 11.14.15 and in the process, I have removed the 7th item on the list. It no longer works and therefore is not relevant. ​

These seven six sites will add and feed your new listing into 200-300 other directories. Depending on the nature of your website/blog, there may be products or service-specific-search-engines you may want to also consider. Finally, be patience. The process of getting your site listed is a relatively slow one. Unfortunately, usually take 4-10 weeks before you start showing up everywhere.

FREE Guide: Download your free guide today that shows you step-by-step how to use each submission tool in the list above. 

The most important thing to remember is that you do not want to game the search engines. The world of SEO is different now and it comes down to serving your humans with good and valuable information. This does mean that the process is slower for us all but it also means that if we stay honest we will get further in the long run. Stay true to your clients and the search engines will stay true to you.

How to Submit a Link to Google:

You will need to log into your Google account to submit your url. If you do not have a Google account, this is a good time to create one. The easiest way is to go to and create an email account. Then you can use that account for your additional submissions in the list.

The good news is that this is one of the easiest submissions to make. As a side note, if you make a change to your content on a page, you should consider resubmitting the page to Google. Currently, I am in the process of updating this very blog post that you reading. When I am done, I will resubmit it.

Click here: (Note: If you are not logged into your Google account, it will prompt you to login.)

  1. Paste the url that you want to submit in the box.
  2. Click in the box next to "I'm not a robot"
  3. Click on "Submit Request"

After submission you will see a yellow box pop up, like in the image below. This is how you know that it worked and you are done.

How to Submit a Link to Bing

You do not need a Bing Webmaster account or any other kind of Bing account to submit a url. 

​Click here: and you will be taken to the proper site.

  1. Paste the url that you want to submit in the box.
  2. Type in the Capthca
  3. Click on "Submit"

Once your url has been submitting you will see a big notice from bing that says" Your request was successfully submitted.

How to Use Submit Express

You do not need to create an account to use Submit Express. The website is a busy one, so look at the image below for where to click.

I want to warn you now that these guys really want you to sign up for various newsletters and offers. You can say NO to each and every one of them. It is a bit of pain, so it is completely up to if this is worth it or not. Also, if you do use this service expect some initial emails. In my mind, this is the cost of getting a service for free.​

The next step in this process is to enter in all of your information. Note that you do not need to signup for their newsletter and other options. 

The link that you want to submit is your home page url. For example, I submitted:

This is where the annoyance really starts (see the image below). However, just have a bit of patience and say no to everything. Of course, if you see something that entices you, feel free to say yes. That is completely your choice.

Once you make all of your selects on the pop up screen, you can click on done. At that point, you will get a notification that your site has been submitted.

After you are done with your selections and hit submit, you will be redirected to a page that looks like below. Note that they are asking for you to link to them. This is 100% a choice and it not required.​

Moments after your submission, you will start to receive a set of emails. Each platform is going to ask you to confirm that the information is correct. At this point go ahead and click on the confirmations and walk thru the requested steps. Pay close attention and only sign up for things that you truly want to sign up for.

How to Use Free Web Submission

You will not need an account to use this free web submission site. Go to the site:

Click on the button as indicated in the image below.

Fill out the required information for your blog or website as noted below. In this instance, link to your home page url as I did (see below). The Search Engines will be pre-selected for you. 

Once you are done, click on "Submit Your Site."​

After you hit submit, you will immediately see a pop up similar to the one below. In the top right hand corner, you can close the box and not take the action.

At this point, you still have a few more steps remaining. Notice in the image below, they require that you verify your email address. 

When you receive your email, click on the "Verify Membership" link. You will be directed to a page that looks like the image below.

Click on the "Submit Your Site!" button. ​

After you hit "Submit Your Site!", you will automatically see a pop up. Again you can hit close, in the top right of the box.

After you close the pop up, you will be redirected to a screen that contains a list similar to the one below. Note that you do not need to complete the Bing or Google option. If you are following along with this blog post, you have already submitted to each of these.

How to Use All Site Cafe

This is a fairly easy tool to use and no accounts are required. Go to All Site Cafe and enter your information and click "Submit."

Once you are done, you will be redirect to page that will take a few moments to fully populate. Then you will see a list of sites that the submission was successful.

In the list you will see some that were unsuccessful and they will ask you to click on a link for further details. I would not click on this list. Instead, I would be happy with what worked and ignore what didn't. The choice is yours.

How to Use AddMe

Go to AddMe and you will see something similar to the image below. Go ahead and enter your room domain and click on "Submit."

As you will see in the image below, there is a lot to fill out on the next form. Note that I didn't give them my last name, address, city, or any unnecessary information. Do fill out a few keywords, your blog title and description.

After you done filling out the information above, scroll down on your screen until you see the next button. Note that I didn't select the bonus offers. Click on "Next."

After you click "Next" you will be redirected to this page. It is informing you that the software worked and your site is being submitted for indexing. At this point, they are asking you for all types of promotions and efforts. I just closed the tab and moved on, the choice is yours to make.

Now that you have submitted your site to these directories, the real fun begins. Create some useful content and blog to your hearts content. 

Also, you will likely receive a great deal of emails after you have worked thru all of these sites. If you find that you are being subscribed to unwanted newsletters, then just set aside a few minutes to unsubscribe. ​


Download Your Copy Of The Step-By-Step Blueprint Today!

Use the steps in this easy to follow guide so that your site can start getting indexed today .


What SEO Search Engine tips do you have? Please share your experiences with us in the comments listed below.

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