The flu and blogging don't mix Podcast #10 | This is about my failures

The flu and blogging don’t mix – Podcast #10

Ideas on failing at blogging by Renee of I Teach Blogging

Ideas on failing at blogging by Renee of I Teach BloggingIn this episode we will recap a tip from the last podcast, a quick SEO tip, and then we are going to get down to it with a conversation about bad planning, the flu and suffering from breaking the rules.

Tip  from Podcast #9

Truth: No one is going to read your blog for what could be a long while. I joke about this often in my classes. Not even my mom reads my blog. We have to be ok with that. While it would be wonderful if you started a new blog and the next day you had 10,000 readers, unless you are a celebrity, it’s not likely. So folks, let’s take advantage of that.

This is your time as a new blogger to learn the ropes and get used to things. So it’s not all bad. Be ok with the feeling of failure for a while. It takes time to grow an audience.


Important but easy:  After you have uploaded an image to your WordPress media library, insert it into your post, right-click once then click on the mountain to reach the attachment details to make sure that the alt title and title tag are filled out. On-site SEO takes time, but it’s always worth it in the long run.

 Get down to it

What you will learn in this podcast:

I did the get started stupid fast method with my podcast. I broke all of the rules. I had good intentions of pre-recording at least several podcasts but just had not done it yet. I was keeping my schedule and all was going well and then …


I got stupid crazy sick. Flu AND bronchitis. My immune system was so hammered I was practically see-through for two weeks. And I sure didn’t plan that.

In this podcast, I talk about my failings and how I didn’t plan ahead well.

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Don’t forget to clickety on my PDF download of  Tips on Blogging for Business. It covers some tips about the Yoast Plugin and a few others that I install on all of my clients’ blogs.

As Chris Brogan would say, I’ll take this moment to “Selly Sell:” Do you want a blog design or redesign? I would love to be your person. Please shoot me an email at [email protected]

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