April 18

This Amazes Me About Us

Are you thinking small enough?

Grand ideas are

Do I even need to finish that thought?

I want to make a million dollars.

I want to have a million subscribers.

These grandiose goals are fantastic. They are sexy.

But if we don't have micro goals a.k.a milestones, we can't get there.

So I challenge you to think smaller. I challenge you to think about small goals. Some people would call these small goals milestones, and I think that is spot on.

If you want to start blogging here are a few milestones:

  1. Have an idea
  2. Create a blog
  3. Put content on the blog

There are quite a few milestones in-between each milestone but you get the idea.

If you are already a blogger:

  1. Set a goal whether it is frequency or traffic.
  2. What are four things that you can do to achieve that goal?
  3. Do all four of those things.

Each one of those four things is a milestone.

Think smaller. Think about how to help one person. Don't think about how to help two people until after you have helped one. When you have helped 5 people try and help 50 people. When you have helped 50 try and help 500. Whew that is a big leap there but if you can help 50, I know that you can help 500.

What if you tried to help 50 but couldn't figure out how to do it?

No problem.

Turn back around. Go back and try to help 5 again.

Remember that momentum begets momentum. That is all that any of us are trying to do here.


how to set blogging goals, set small goals

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