October 30

This is a Social Media strategy That promotes Good Will


We all know that social media can be a black hole. This is why it is important to have a strategy for your time. Below is a strategy that I use and recommend for bloggers.

Find 5 blog posts in your genre.

  • Leave a comment on each blog post
  • Follow the blogger on Twitter
  • Tweet out a link to each blog post and mention that blog author in the Tweet.
  • Share 2 of the posts on Google Plus
  • Share 1 of the posts on Reddit
  • Share 1 of the posts on Facebook

This is a short list and you may think to yourself, but this has nothing to do with promoting my blog.

That is right.

This is true but you know what it does instead, it promotes good will.

Bloggers need love, as we all know. I have a client that I make do this every single business day that she possibly can. She complains and complains about it. But she does it nearly 5 days a week anyway.

It is not that she doesn't like reading blog posts. It is simply that she is busy and this process takes time. However, just the other day I got an excited text message from her.

Someone that she has been doing this for and promoting like this reached out to her. My client just released a book and this person noticed. The blogger reached out and said that she wanted to feature my client on her blog. This is a big blog and this is a lot of exposure.

This would not have happened if she had not been willing to invest the time in others. When you invest your time promoting and responding to a blogger, they notice.

So go ahead, set aside some time and start connecting with other bloggers. I promise you that this is not time wasted. It is actually time invested.


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