May 8

How To Add A Quick Navigation With Jump Links To Your WordPress Page


Scrolling down a long blog post can be annoying. Am I right?




This is why having a quick navigation with jump links is a beautiful thing. This way if your reader wants to look up something specific on a webpage they can click on the link and the page automatically jumps to that location. Internal page jumps make life easy for the reader and that is what we want to do.

Awe. It is a beautiful thing.

In this tutorial you will learn how to do this easily with Thrive Content Builder.

  • 1:45 Edit page with Thrive Content Builder
  • 2:00 The quick Navigation is based upon Heading Tags
  • 3:30 Edit the Quick Navigation
  • 4:33 Each time that you change your Heading Tags you need to update your Quick Navigation
  • 5:20 You can change the title of your Quick Navigation
  • 5:43 You can change the color of your Quick Navigation box

Note: Heading tags are used to create a hierarchy for your content starting with H1 and working down to H6.

My tip to you is the create the Quick Navigation with jump links last. Write out all of your content first and get your headings like you want them. When creating your headings keep in mind what you do and do not want to show up on the quick navigation. This is important because it will add all of your H2 tags if you select it. Therefore make sure that your headings make sense for the page and for the jump links.

Finally, only use a quick navigation when it makes sense and adds value to the reader.


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