Use These Tools to Whip Up Blog Post Ideas Super Fast

Use These Tools to Whip Up Blog Post Ideas Super Fast

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Do you find blogging overwhelming?

In this blog post I am going to share 4 tools that I use to find blog post ideas on a regular basis.​ 

I have a nagging fear that one day, I will wake up and have zero ideas to blog about. This is what makes mind maps and lists a critical part of my blogging process. These lists are my security blankets.

It all starts with an idea.

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But first, a few notes to consider before you get started.

​1. Do you have a defined niche for your blog?

Blogs that are laser focused on a specific topic tend to do far better in the search engines than general purpose blogs. This laser focus is called a niche.

If ​you do not feel that your blog is super hyper focused on a specific topic such as "Mixed Martial Art Techniques" then you should check out this blog post by copyblogger about choosing a niche.

It is never too late to start narrowing the focus of your blog today.

2. Stay on topic.

In the example mind map below, make note that I have entered my blog categories. This way, I can mind map ideas directly under each category. This helps me stay on track.

It is extremely easy to get off topic once the creative juices start flowing.

3. Use these as idea inspiration

Consider these blog post titles as "working titles." In an upcoming blog post we will cover how to optimize your blog post title. ​

Mind Mapping

If you do not know exactly what you should blog about next then consider grabbing a cup of coffee, sitting back in a comfy chair and creating a mind map for your topic.

Mindjet is a great free mind mapping tool. It will run on your computer or your tablet.

This is a powerful tool with loads of options. I encourage you to watch their intro video, it is only a couple of minutes long.​

mind map software

a few mindjet tips

1. You can have multiple mind maps. Feel free to create one for each category of your blog or a general one as I did above.

​2. Be patient. It takes a moment for the mind maps to load.

3. You can export your mind maps to Evernote.

4. You can move your notes to another category by dragging and dropping.

5. You can add notes, images, hyperlinks and attachments to a topic.​

Are you still feeling stuck?

Be Inspired by a Blog Topic Generator

If you still don’t know what to blog about use these free title generator tools to kickstart that brain of yours. Soon you will be overflowing with excitement to write.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

This tool will ask you to type in three nouns but note that you can put anything including long tail keywords. In the example below, I put in Blogging, SEO and Content.

blog title generator

If you are not satisfied or inspired you can always hit the TRY AGAIN button and give it another go.

blog topics

I was not satisfied so I decided to give it another go with a few long tail keywords. This time I used, Get Started Blogging, Creating Content and SEO Tips. This time the tool gave me much better results, see below.

blog topic ideas

BlogAbout by iMPACT

This tool is a bit more simplistic in nature but it is so darn beautiful that I find myself spending extra time with it. It only allows you to enter one word or phrase and as a result some of the ideas will turn out to be a bit silly. However, I did get pretty lucky with the title suggestion below.

Feel free to keep hitting that refresh button until you feel inspired.

Also, don’t be afraid to enter a long tail keyword or change your keyword altogether. Sometimes, I will pick a keyword that is off topic, just to see what I get. It can be quite inspiring to put your topic aside for a bit and think about other ideas.

blog topic inspiration tool

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

On the surface, this tool may not look like much but once you fill in a keyword, the magic starts to happen. While some of the blog titles that this tool will generate are flat out goofy, it gives you great tips along the way.

It provides you with tips as to why the provided title is a good one.

Often this tool will start a title off with “Why” or “How to” and they tell us exactly why this is a good idea.

People online are often looking to either be entertained or to learn or perhaps a mixture of the two. My advice is to pay close attention to their notes each time that you hit refresh.

blog title inspiration

But wait there's more!

If you are still not sure what you should blog about next then consider these two ideas listed below.

1. Google your main keyword phrase.

Sometimes just seeing what is surfacing to the top for your given topic can be quite inspirational. Go ahead and click on a few of those posts. Spend some time reading them and make any notes on how you could expand on the topic.

2. Look at the bottom of Google.

​Google will provide you with a list of related searches and these could quickly turn into blog post idea goldmines.

what to blog about

I hope that these ideas have really helped you out and that you find a ton of blog post ideas. 

Now it is time to get down to it and put these tools to work.

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We want to hear from you.

How do you come up with blog post ideas? I would love to hear about your process in the comments below. I bet that you have a tip for us all.

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