Can blogging save your SEO problems? | Part 5 of Bad Blogging Advice

The worst advice you’ll ever hear about blogging Part 5

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This is part 5 of a blogging series about bad blogging advice. In part 1 I shared 11 pieces of bad blogging advice and below is a brief recap of what we have covered in this series so far. In this blog post we are going to cover another bad blogging tip: Blogging will save your SEO problems.

marketing-strategies | content strategy

As you will see below I do believe that blogging can make an impact on your search engine rankings it is not the SEO solution that you may have been hoping for. I like to think of SEO as ongoing action item list. However, before we get too far read a brief summary of the first bad blogging tips below.

#1 If you just write it they will read it.

#1 is flat out not true. Just because you write blog posts and release it, it does not mean that your readers will find you. There are so many reasons for this. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 1

#2 Design doesn’t matter.

There is much more to design then pretty pictures even. Design includes the font type, the spacing between the lines and how the text fits on the page. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 2

 #3 Blog on a free domain and move it later.

This is a subject that I am so passionate about that I wrote a three part blog series on it. The links are listed below and so in this post I will make one statement. Invest in your company and believe in it enough to buy your own domain name and host it yourself. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 3

#4 Write amazing content

This is a controversial topic and frankly it is a vague tip.What exactly is good content? How do you define it other than to say that you know it when you read it. The problem with the statement is that it stops people, I sure know that it has stopped me plenty.  Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 4

#5 Blogging will save your SEO problems

Blogging is the best way that I know of to make a huge difference online for your company. As you will see in the stats below the more a company can blog the better traffic it will get. Pay close attention to the note in the bottom right corner that states the biggest impact is for small businesses with 1-10 employees who blog.


But I can’t blog 15 times a month and what does this have to do with SEO?

First, you don’t have to blog 15 times a month to have AN impact. Check out the slide below from Hubspot. Even blogging one to two times a month increases your traffic. Once you get the hang of it, I am confident that you can handle two blog posts a month, at a minimum.


Second, forget for a moment of the act of “doing” SEO and think about the reason that you care about SEO. You care about SEO because you are trying to get people to your website / blog so that you can connect with people and then have them take an action, whatever that is. Blogging will increase traffic which in turn helps with the concept of SEO.

When I think of SEO I essentially think of a checklist of things that can be done to a website or even off-site to increase the likelihood of a website being seen and presented as an option to the search engines and in turn to the reader.

How do you see SEO? When you think of SEO what do you think of first?

While the activity of blogging will not “save” your SEO it sure can make an impact on your traffic and that is what this is all about anyways. However considering that we are on the topic of SEO I would like to end this post with just a few SEO tips for your blog. If you download this booklet that we made for my web design company it provides a few ideas and tools on SEO that you will find useful.

Click here for the PDF download of my booklet Tips on Blogging for Business.

Check out the Hubspot Full report for even more information.

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