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If You Have A Website You Need This Pixel Right Now

WordPress Facebook Pixel Tutorial

Today I did responsible adulting. I cleaned house.

Yep, my mother would be proud. I even pulled out the couch and swept behind it.

While doing so I took full advantage of this time and caught up on a few podcast episodes. The one that really struck a chord with me was an episode of Breaking Through Walls with Amanda Bond. In Screw The 9 to 5 we affectionally refer to her as just Bond because she is that damn awesome.

Listen to the podcast episode

This is a must listen episode. While she is THE expert on Facebook Ads the episode is about much more than that. It is about failing and not giving up. It is about the power of finding your zone of genius.

But what I want to point out is a statement that she made about the Facebook Pixel. She said that even if you aren't running Facebook ads yet, you should go ahead an place the pixel on your website.

What is the Facebook pixel?

It is an image that is 1 pixel by 1 pixel wide that is placed on your website. It is a transparent image, which means that it can't be seen.

Why have a Facebook pixel on your website?

It allows Facebook to keep track of who has visited your website and then you can retarget them in the future. One example of this, is targeting people who visited your checkout page but didn't finish the checkout process. You could run ads to "retarget" them because you know that they are interested in your service or product.

The Facebook pixel provides other opportunities and you can read more here.

In the episode Bond pointed out that the sooner you add this pixel to your site, the sooner you can make your site start collecting anyone that visits your website and turn them into an audience that you can target later.

This is a big deal.

Instead of always chasing new people, you can retarget people who already have seen your site before.

How to place a Facebook pixel?

This isn't that difficult. Yes, there are a few steps involved but Facebook has made it as easy as possible.

You will need a Facebook ad account and for this tutorial, a WordPress site. You can add the pixel to other website platforms as well though.

First, get your pixel

Step 1: Log into Facebook and go to the ads manager

Step 2: Click on the hamburger symbol

Step 3: Click on All Tools

Step 4: Click on Pixels

Step 5: Click on "Create a Pixel"

Step 6: Type in a name for your pixel

Step 7: Click on "Create Pixel"

Step 8: Click on Actions

Step 9: Click on Email Pixel Code

Note: This is what I found to be the easiest method.

Step 10: Check email for pixel code from Facebook.

Note: The email actually went straight to my trash, so I had to hunt it down. If you don't see the email check your spam and your trash.

Step 11: Copy this Pixel code that looks like complete gibberish into your Evernote or a notepad. You will need it soon.

Step 12: Log into your WordPress Dashboard​

At this point what happens next greatly depends on your WordPress theme. In this tutorial, I am going to provide you with a quick tutorial on a WordPress plugin that Bond recommended.

However, I am running a Thrive Theme on my site. Thrive has a special place for adding this type of code. It is under Theme Options / Scripts.

Step 13: Install This WordPress Plugin

Insert Headers and Footers

A. Click on Plugins in WordPress Dashboard

B. Click on Add New

C. Type in "Insert headers and footers" in the search

How to add WordPress Plugin

D. Click on "Search"

E. Click on "Activate"

​Step 14: Add your Facebook Pixel Code

A. Click on "Settings" in WordPress Dashboard

B. Click on "Insert Headers and Footers"

C. Paste your Pixel code in the "Scripts in Header" section

D. Click Save

Step 15: Add Facebook Pixel Helper to Chrome


Click here to install Facebook Pixel Helper

This free Google Chrome tool will help you know if your pixel is working or not.

After installing it, open up a page on your blog. If it turns blue then the pixel is working properly. If it is grey revisit your steps.


If you really want to learn about Facebook Ads then make sure that you request to join Amanda's Facebook Group

She truly is the expert of experts and she loves what she does.

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