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How To Update An Older WordPress Page With Thrive Content Builder

How To Update An Older WordPress Page With Thrive Content Builder

If you have a WordPress site and you have installed Thrive Content Builder on your site it is possible that you will have some confusion when updating a page.

When you want to update a page or a blog post, you now have a decision to make. Should you update the page using Thrive Content Builder or should you continue forward with the traditional WordPress editor?

The truth is, there is no right answer. This is completely up to you. You can just log into the page and make your changes and move on with your day. The other option is to move the content from the traditional editor to TCB.

Personally, I do not update old pages or posts to TCB just for the sake of doing it. If the page/post is getting a major update, I will then move it into TCB. However, if I am just changing a link or one single piece of the text, I do not take the time. However, I do use Thrive Content Builder to create any new pages on my site.

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How to move content to Thrive Content Builder?

Before we get into the step-by-step let me break it down for you. You will basically cut and paste the content from the traditional WordPress editor into a document or tool such as Evernote. Then you will edit your page / post with Thrive Content Builder and paste that content back in.

Step 1: Copy and delete content from the page.

1. Click on pages

2. Click on edit

3. Copy all of the content in your editor box

Note: On my mac I use "command / a" to select all of the content. Then I use "command / c" to paste it.

4. Paste that content into Evernote or a notepad tool

5. Delete the content from your page on WordPress.

6. Update page

Note: At this stage your page should be empty.

Step 2: Add the content back to the page using Thrive Content Builder.

1. Click on "Edit with Thrive Content Builder"

Note: When you click on this, your page will spin and huff for a few moments while it loads the editor.

2. Click on Paragraph to add your first piece of text

3. Click on the text, as seen in the image below.

4. Paste your content into this area

5. Your old content should be in the page.

6. Click save. It is the big green button in the top right area of your page.

At this point you can start cleaning up any extra spaces or adding anything that you would like.


So the primary steps of transitioning your content from the traditional WordPress editor to Thrive Content Builder involves cutting and pasting.​ However, I would like reiterate the point that it isn't critical to move your content into TCB. It is wise to have a reason to spend your time on this task. Of course, if you want to practice using TCB, this is a great way to do it.

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