This is how Workflowy is helping me organize my content

This is how Workflowy is helping me organize my content

How I use Workflowy to blog

Do you like making list? Are you like me and you lose your lists? One of the issues that I have with lists is that I need to make several of them based upon categories. This can be done in Evernote but then you have to organize it by notebooks and tags and that becomes a mess.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Evernote. It is my second brain and if I ever lost my info in there, I would be done. Yep, that would be the moment of my official retirement.

You can use Workflowy to track processes and procedures

A while back Kate Erickson mentioned that she had started using a list tool called Workflowy and that it was super simplistic, web based and highly effective. 

Now I keep these checklists in Workflowy so every time I do a webinar, I don’t have to worry about missing any of the pre- or post-webinar steps.​ ~Kate at EOFire

She uses Workflowy to track her process for webinars. This inspired me to take a look at the tool because I was also looking for something to track my processes and procedures for my growing list of repeatable tasks.

I was losing track of my process

Considering that I release 3 podcast episodes a week, it can get tricky trying to remember every single step. I kept thinking that a process checklist was not necessary because I do it so often. Then I realized that I was skipping steps here and there. It was becoming a bit of a nightmare. That is when I heard Kate mention Workflowy in a podcast episode and I started using it.

In the image below you will see and overview my process for creating a podcast as created in Workflowy. 

How I use Workflowy for processes

I used Workflowy to organize the launch of a product

The first time that I used this tool was to create my free blogging course. I did a brain dump of my thoughts, segmented them under #freecourse (yep you use hashtags) and then started ordering and hashing out the details.

Immediately, I really enjoyed how insanely simple and flexible it was to use. I could easily drag and drop line items. Normally, I would use paper to plan something like this but it would always become a mess. It seemed like I would spend more time erasing and rewriting than anything.

This tool was exactly what I needed and what made me most happy was that I could access it from any computer easily. ​One of the few drawbacks of using Scrivener for such planning is that it has to be installed my computer. Workflowy is a web based app, so I can even work on my lists from my Chromebook. 

I could go on and on and sing the praises of this tool but I really think that you should check it out for yourself. This little tool has become my brains (Evernotes) best buddy and I think that you are going to love it.

Oh and it is FREE!

What is your favorite organizational tool right now? Please share because we are always looking for the right tools and better tools. Yep, I am a bit of a junkie.

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